Thursday, July 03, 2008

Disrespect and Lefty Entitlement.

The MSM is in full cry again. NB Tory Lady has a link to an exclusive interview with PM Harper and Kevin Newman. Newman could have asked anything, what does he do? He shills for the Liberals by asking about the $1 million that has been added to the lawsuit against the Liberals. You can just about see stream coming from the PM, I bet that interview was cut short. Newman, you are a Liberal dolt.

I am sick of these lefty "reporters" using the power of the MSM to broadside the PM every opportunity they get. No wonder the PM will not pander to the Ottawa Parliamentary peanut gallery.

Now, I am told that females don't support the Conservatives. Well this female does, and any other strong minded female will feel the same. I have nothing but disgust for weak feminists who can't live their own lives without government interference, and expect abortion to be paid for, and we are supposed to like it, and shut up. These women are parasites and they give ALL women a bad name. The Supreme Court judge and the GG both have shown us how weak women operate. They break rules to get their way. Didn't the GG run to PM Harper recently for protection? Can anyone remember what that was about?

Feminists disregard women who do not agree with them, and try to silence us by yelling "my body, my choice". They ban pro-life groups from campuses, and cheer on bigots like Arbour. They sneer at stay at home Mom's, they want our children in state run, brainwashing, union day cares, and don't you dare spank your child, or so the Liberal senate tells us.

The lefty media supports them in all of this, they yell that funding for the SOWS has been decreased, the MSM fails to tell people the funding was actually increased. The money is going to real programs that achieve real results, instead of to feminist groups who have never been in a women's shelter, but they can write up a useless paper on feminist issues, as long as they are funded by the government, they have no idea how to actually fund raise, like the Liberals. They can't get out of the trough even though it is empty, they just sit there and oink for their Liberal entitlements.

Well feminists are like dinosaurs, soon to be extinct. Young women are not buying into their man-hating, baby-hating agenda. Women are finding out that they can have it all, family, friends and careers. I pity the feminists sitting in their cold apartments wondering why they are so dissatisfied with their lives.


Ardvark said...

Newman was interviewing the Prime Minister of the Government of Canada and he had the opportunity to ask him anything at all about the Government and it's policies and he chose to ask a strictly political question about Stephen Harper the citizen of Canada.

I will wager that Newman nor anyone else @ Global have ever asked ANYONE else in their history why they were asking for a set dollar amount in a civil court action.

It seems impossible for some to understand the difference between Government and political parties or their respective roles.

The media should know better, but I hold out little hope for Global. This is the same network where Tera Nelson broke the story about how Dion's carbon tax plan was going to lower the price of gas.

BTW, is it politically correct for me to comment on the feminist issue because I am a man?
I know what Hunter would say, but I am not sure what the 'feminist' perspective would be on this. I am a bit shaky on what the ruling would be on this one, considering that it has already been deemed wrong for me to EVER make a lesbian joke.

maryT said...

During the last election campaign didn't Newman sideswipe the PM with a question re abortion.

Anonymous said...

Newman has been trained in the gotcha US style. The only problem is that the gotcha's go both partisan ways there.

This is "all left all the time form the nutty left coast" Newman.

Isn't it about time CNN or CBS or whoever it was took him back?

Anonymous said...

I remember Newman use to be a reporter for the CBC. Then he got a job as an anchor at an American network, I think it was CBS. He was a complete failure and was fired after less than a year.

The Trusty Tory said...

I love it! Excellent post!

WCT said...

I'm going to write Fox News and ask them for a "Canadian Edition". Don't watch CBC (channels are blocked!!), CTV (except west coast local) and now Global.

MSM McShifty Lefty

Anonymous said...

I have not seen nor heard the feminists NOR THE MSM NOR THE OPPOSITION PARTIES come to the aid of the ABORGINAL WOMEN who are abused. Nor have I heard the opposition partiea nor the feminists nor the MSM come to defend Jennifer Wright's rights to keep her company name intact without interference.
As far as I know MSM welcome and support the lefties idea of corruption and their terrorist groups.

maryT said...

Kevin was with ABC world news now.
Comes on at midnight in our area. I watched his first newscast and he said, this is a smoking studio but we will soon change that. Anderson Cooper hosted that show, and many other big anchors started there. Newman, he had to slink back to Canada.
He was supposed to be the new Jennings.

Jen said...

David Rutherford is reading the "stronge language" Garth Turner wrote about Quebecers and Albertans "live' on the radio and man, David is angry.

NB Tory Lady said...

Hunter--thanks for a mention in your post...I am a bit slow on the uptake...oh dear....only noticing it now...onward and upward...keep up the great work...