Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ontario Whines, Alberta Quietly Pays!

Dalton whines about how hard done by the average Ontario taxpayer is, and that they deserve more because they give more than any other province in Canada. Well, I beg to differ. There is one quiet province that contributes more per capita than Ontario, they have also paid off all their debts. Now don't believe me, read this short little study, it's a little dated (2005) but it still gives a good picture of the history of equalization payments.

Notice how Alberta was giving way more in payments while the NEP was in force. Then, once our economy was killed, we slump along for awhile leaving Ontario to prop the country up, and then we get going again, and have been paying way more than Ontario for years! We also took a 20% hit to pay off our debt, the media never mentions that little fact.

What will Dion's carbon tax do? Same thing the first NEP did, kill Alberta and leave Ontario holding the bag. Problem is, Ontario is tanking and not able to prop up Canada again, so if Dion's carbon tax kills Alberta, who will step up to the plate? Quebec? HA!

Does the average Ontarian understand this? I think so. I have faith that lots of Canadians understand the Dion carbon tax. They understand it is about stealing from one part of the country to buy votes in another. Do they understand if they help to kill Alberta and Saskatchewan, that no other provinces are able to come to the rescue?

The federal government joins in with Ontario to help with infrastructure, are Ontarians happy?

Long over due. Ontario has paid far more than it's share for many years and has been shut out by the Reform Party aka PC. I guess Harper is afraid there just might be an election this fall. This must be really bothering the Western Separatists.

I can only hope that "Toby" is not a good representation of what all Canadians feel.


Ardvark said...

Typical lefty comments. First they claim that the Government is ignoring Ontario and want more money, but when the money flows they claim it is all just a vote buying scheme for an imminent election. Conveniently forgetting that PM Harper passed a law setting fixed election dates; in this case Oct 2009.

Their hate for the PM has affected their heads.

NB Tory Lady said...

Keep on blogging and getting the message "out there" :-)

Jen said...

NB Tory Lady said...
Keep on blogging and getting the message "out there" :-)

NBTL, how do you know that the message is getting "out there".?

The lefties are definitely putting the'fear of life' on their people voters frightening them with threat that will make their voters vote only for the lefties instead of the conservative parties.
This is a common pratice which the lefties used for years.

NB Tory Lady said...

Jen...I was encouraging blogger. Climbing Out of the Dark to continue her posts, her revelations. If we do not blog it, no one can learn. I think this blogger is teaching what she knows, what she finds. The Blogging Tories aggretator picks it up and others get to read it.

it's all good's all good !!

never mind the lefties...we are going to keep on blogging the truth as we see it and as we know it.

Anonymous said...

never mind the lefties...we are going to keep on blogging the truth as we see it and as we know it.
In other words, you'll lie.

NB Tory Lady said...

anonymous ... won't even
give us a name... no lies here
... not my style

Alberta Girl said...

Keep that graph handy Hunter - every time a lefty trumps that Ontario give more - pull it out!!!