Thursday, July 17, 2008

Liberals Being Ethical!

Not sure why my last post didn't get through on Blogging Tories, but I spent all day getting these videos done and on Youtube, so I will try again.

Here's a summary, day one of the Ethics Committee, Elections Canada is on the hot seat and the Conservatives are scoring points, left, right and center. This is not what the opposition parties expected, they are caught with their pantyhose around their ankles.

See this post for the related videos!

Working into the wee hours of the morning, the opposition develops a plan for day two.

1. Mayrand obviously contacts Committee Chair Liberal MP Szabo and complains about the abuse he got at the hands of the Conservatives. He takes the "fifth". Everything is now related to his appearance before a real court on real charges, and he has just realized that. It appears the Liberal Chair couldn't protect him from his own lack of evidence against the Conservative questions. So, Liberal Szabo tells all committee members they can not ask any questions related to the current court proceeding. Hello, didn't you think of that BEFORE you asked the witness to appear? Szabo is clearly incompetent. See video one.

2. Because Conservative members are clearly still gaining ground and showing Canadians that ALL parties do the same things, and that Mayrand has 5 made up "facts" that are ridiculous, the opposition, led this time by NDP Martin, call a motion to limit questions to Mayrand. They want to shut it down after the current round, the Conservatives still have questions and want 8 more rounds. The Conservative motion is defeated, the opposition motion passes (they have the majority vote). Say bye-bye to Mayrand, no more questions for Elections Canada. Disgusting behaviour by the opposition. See video two.

3. If that isn't enough, the list of potential witnesses is presented, and the first thing Szabo does is strick every single Conservative witness from the list, oh, he forgets one, but ever helpful NDP Martin adds that name to the list, so they are good to go. Liberal Jennings calls non-confidence on the Liberal Chair, which means all discussion is stopped and a vote must take place, then she changes her vote, so that the dirty unprincipled Liberals get to strike every single Conservative witness off the list!!! This was totally planned because Jennings for an earlier motion called non-confidence and was told to "pay attention", she obviously had the wrong motion, and her motion was all of a sudden, ignored by "rule" abiding Szabo.

The final icing on the cake, or puffin poop exposing, was when Jennings called for the end of the session before Conservative MP Scott Reid's motion for an independent inquiry into Elections Canada could be voted on. That's why you hear him yelling at Szabo in the third video.

All in all, it was a disgusting display of how the opposition parties have been operating in just about every committee in Parliament for the last two and a half years. Canadians watching no matter what political stripe had to be disgusted with how the Conservatives were trampled on by the opposition parties. They showed their devious little lefty minds, and it was ugly, but lefties will tell you it was democratic HA.


Ardvark said...

Wasn't Szabo the one who tweaked the scope of the Ethics Committee looking into the Mulroney/Schreiber relationship to include the 2008 telecom bandwidth auction?

Anonymous said...

Szabo was a disgrace!. I too watched the whole affair and it was very evident that this was all pre-arranged by the sleazy liberals and NDP - If the Tories were getting too "hot", they agreed to close it down and that is just what happened... The tories were making big grounds, and proving exactly the point they have been making all along - the other parties did the very same thing and had Elections Canada on the ropes, so Martin voted to shut it down. It became very clear if this continue, the Tories would definitely prove their case... But to put the icing on the cake, after sleazy Szabo cut all the conservative witnesses they wanted to call, Martin moved it, but wanted Bob Rae's Chief of Staff taken off the list as well, the Tories also wanted to question him, so what did Marlene Jennings do - move to struck Libby Davies off as well the Tories couldn't' question her. See the pattern - Martin you take off a liberal that was doing the same thing so he can't be questioned, and I will take off a NDP - so she can't be question. It was the biggest show of injustice in our Canadian system I think could ever be shown on T.V. If Szabo and Marlene Jennings' voters could ever see that, they surely would be ashamed they sent those people to Parliament. They belong in certainly another Country were the laws are not respected...

frmgrl said...

The opposition are NOT interested in getting to the truth as usual. They only interested scoring political points by playing these dirty, sleazy games.
They all know that the CPC have been governing pretty well and getting things done and are jealous. The Liberals have not yet come to terms that they lost the last election. Neither do their MSM friends as well. That's why they are all complicit in trying to make this government look bad and bring them down in the public eye. Take all those weekly faux scandals that always backfires.
This one is backfiring too but the opposition don't want to be eating crow. They eventually will because the CPC's case will be proven the real court.
To top it off we are paying for this spectacle. That's what really gets me mad.

frmgrl said...

There is a good article in the Ottawa Citizen by John Robson on this whole affair.

Jen said...

SZABO looked sad 'ready to cry at any moment' and other times he looked angry and confused; didn't know which way to turn; whether to continue playing his colleagues charade against the conservatives or do a proper job.

I find it most amusing yet insulting to us all that the liberals who stole from us have the nerve to question another on ethics and money spending.
I hope the conservatives will continue to remind the liberals of the $40m; adscam etc.

hunter said...

Thanks Frmgrl, that is a very good article, it backs up what we are all saying.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the tyranical opposition show thier true colors...RED.
Does this surprise anyone?
Three far left parties behaving like far left parties.
No inteligence required just a lack of ethics and a disire to smear anyone not far far left of reality.

jad said...

Calm down, guys. This thing is going to court where it will be properly dealt with - and properly reported in the media.

Based on M. Meyrand's performance in front of the committee, I don't give him much of a chance in front of a halfway decent lawyer.

Reid said...

As I watched those videos it is interesting to watch the body language of Szabo. The way Szabo stutters and bumbles about you can tell he's behaving in a shady way (body language doesn't lie). It was sort of like during the '04 election and you'd see Paul Martin in an interview and he'd blink his eyes about 5 times a second whenever he was "uncomfortable" with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why my last post didn't get through on Blogging Tories, but I spent all day getting these videos done and on Youtube, so I will try again.

That was because I did not comment on it! Now I see you trolling at GOTR about how tough it is having me here, even though I only commented on this blog exactly once yesterday, but sans "haha" and not on the post that "didn't get through". Sorry about that, I was remiss in not making fun of you. Seems to be necessary to get on the BT's.

I like to see your stuff get through to the BT's, it adds so much there, so I shall not neglect my duty to ensure your stuff gets through.


maryT said...

I don't think the opposition was prepared for the information and facts that the CPC had dug up. They are afraid of what else they will be questioned on. Getting the fact out that the head of EC investigated himself and found he had done no wrong, the e-mail re Davis, and so many other facts. A real lawyer, in a real court will make mincemeat Mayrand. It is obvious that the libs/dippers have not thought this through. Cdns are watching this and following it, and videos show they are uncomfortable answering questions.
Like the Gomery inquiry was paid attention to in Quebec, this will get attention via the blogs.

maryT said...

Is it standard procedure that the opposition chairs all committees, and these committees can then decide what they will and will not investigate. Have the lib/dippers thought of what could happen if dion gets a minority govt and the CPC get to chair and make decisions. I am sure the cpc has been taking lessons from Szabo, and would not hesitate to re-investigate adscam, the HRDC, Belinda's payoff, and so many more real scandals in the liberal party, from the golf course to how money was transferred so Martin could buy his shipping lines. Now what happens if this committee does a report saying further investigation is needed and it goes to the PM. Who makes the decision to have such inquiry, when it would be done, who would head it. You can almost bet the farm that no liberals would be involved. And, doesn't the PM have the authority to set the scope of said inquiry, re witnesses, charges, and what can and can't be included. Could he not broaden it to include what other parties did.
He might even go back far enough to see who got how much for elections in Que a few elections ago. Could this be PMSH's plan all along, knowing what would happen, chess and checkers.