Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Floatie Creates A Stink!

Global Warming, Increases Raw Sewage Pumped into the ocean!

Well there you have it folks, global warming causes more raw sewage to be dumped into the oceans! Now, let's not blame old useless sewage systems for this, nope, increased rain due to global warming is the cause.

Here's another malady the liberal bogeyman known as global warming is now predicted to cause: an increase in raw sewage being pumped into the ocean.

Honestly, at this point one has to wonder if much like writers for a daily comedy program there aren't teams of folks in offices around the world working 24 hours a day, seven days a week thinking up new bits of hysteria about climate change to scare the public.

Read the comments. Who can Victoria blame, not themselves I guess.

Canada Takes Crap for Flushing Raw Sewage into the Ocean
As B.C. Prepares for 2010 Olympics, Victoria Continues Sending Sewage to Sea

Victoria Proud of Pollution
According to many environmentalists, however, the worst offender in the Canadian landscape is Victoria, the picturesque provincial capital of British Columbia. Not only does Victoria pump its raw sewage directly into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, an arm of the Pacific Ocean, but city officials also claim they are doing the “right and responsible thing” for their community and the environment. They see no reason to change.

Not all of their constituents agree.

A group of activists called People Opposed to Outfall Pollution (POOP) has taken a lighthearted approach to a serious issue, poking fun at city officials with bathroom humor and using clever guerilla marketing tactics to focus a firestorm of embarrassing international media attention on Victoria’s toilet habits.

Mr. Floatie Creates a Stink Over Raw Sewage
One POOP member, James Skwarok, 35, dresses up as Mr. Floatie, a cheerful, man-sized piece of human excrement. His antics in the cause of ending outfall pollution have generated news stories as far away as South Africa.

So, now we know that global warming is to blame for all this raw sewage being dumped into our oceans, we don't have to take responsibility, like maybe upgrading our sewage systems. For once, could they just call raw sewage, pollution and clean it up, instead of bringing in the global warming poop.


West Coast Teddi said...

Mr Floatie is a local hero causing the local politicians a lot of grief. His (not sure!!) job is made a lot more difficult when the cheif Medical Officer for the health authority comes along and says we don't need a treatment plant - "the ocean is our treatment facility". tell that to the folks living on the San Juans.

Was sailing one time when the captain noted that we were in Canadian waters and could "machinate the bilge" because it was illegal in the US waters.

I support Mr. Floatie

jad said...

I do love it when blogs like write garbage like "Victoria is proud of its polluting". If the writer had taken a few moments to do some research, he might actually have been able to write a "good news" story instead of the joke he did write. But of course, that probably was not the point.

It's certainly true that Victoria has always pumped its raw sewage directly into the Juan de Fuca Strait, and part of the logic was that these waters are very deep and have strong currents, so the stuff doesn't stay around long. One of the supporters of this theory was no less than a certain David Anderson, one-time Environment Minister before you-know-who, and MP for Victoria.

Whatever the reality of that theory, it also had the benefit of not reqiring any funding from any level of government to correct the problem.

This has now changed.

The federal Tories made a campaign promise to provide funding, the Campbell government have also come up with some money, and a detailed implementation plan is due some time in the latter part of this year.

Some of this information is available on the POOP site that the writer quotes from, but as a true environmentalist, I guess he would much rather point the finger than write a story about people doing something worthwhile.

hunter said...

West coast teddi, I support him too, because he's out there fighting real pollution, not GHG's!

Jad, good to know that something is being done about the pollution, Victoria is much too beautiful to be polluting like that!

Now, if the econuts would just quit bowing down to Goruzki, something might get done to clean our air, lakes and land.

maryT said...

If smoking can be banned why not raw sewage. That is pollution, not global warming, ghg, climate change or anything other than pollution. Why hasn't their BC resident expert taken on this instead of telling the rest of us how to live.

West Coast Teddi said...

The big stink lately is the NIMBY reaction to the billion dollar proposal that has 4 or 5 collection plants in strategic locations and the connecting sewer lines. Victoria is built on "rock" and that means lots of blasting and digging. I would suspect it to be a fascinating engineering feat.

A large "scientific study" was undertaken that cost a bundle and didn't settle the issue according to the "no treatment side".

Sewers are a big issue around here because there is such an interest in the eco-friendly side of waste. Thirteen municipalities in the Victoria region can argue, protest, battle even an outhouse proposal. We take a very small narrow view of almost everything and I would say that sewers are at the top of the list right behind cutting down dead trees ("but they are so beautiful!!")