Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dion Shouts Out The Truth!

Look at all the blue sky!!! Suncor oilsands project!

With Garth slamming Quebec and Alberta, we hear that Dion was at the Calgary Zoo, with 100's of supporters or is that 100 supporters counting the monkey's? I gather they can't afford to rent a hall. Or was Dion just killing two birds with one stone, talking to his 100 Calgary supporters, while talking to the zoo animals! Hope he didn't get too close to the monkeys, because we all know how naughty those monkeys can be throwing stuff! Or was he at the petting zoo? Watch out for those methane animal farts Dion. HA!

What truth did Dion shout? It's contained in the last paragraph of this article.

"Bring Canada in conformity with what the world expects from Canada -- to have carbon pricing in Canada," Mr. Dion said. "Then nobody anymore will pretend that the oil coming from Alberta should be boycotted."

Nobody anymore will PRETEND that the oil coming from Alberta should be boycotted??

So, Dion came right out and told the truth about the environmental movement. It's all fake, it's PRETEND outrage! Alberta, get with the program, PRETEND we are conforming, you know like the Liberals signed Kyoto then pretending to be doing something. Alberta should bow down to the eco-terrorists, and then everything will be hunky dory! Got that Alberta, lie your faces off to the eco-nuts, sign anything, and the global sun will shine on you! Well, kiss Alberta's butt Dion, and take your little eco-terrorists with you. The oil is Alberta's! You easterner's don't even buy our oil, you buy "blood" oil from the Arabs.

You know how the eco-nuts have changed the talk from "global warming" to "climate change"? Well, here's the new word, that applies only to Alberta oilsands: "dirty". Coal generating plants in Ontario are not "dirty", Saskatchewan oil is not "dirty", China coal plants are not "dirty", but Alberta oilsands oil is "dirty". It's a targeted campaign by the eco-terrorists to shut down the one province that is keeping this country moving forward.

Watch how the eco-nuts keep calling it the "tarsands". Why? Tar just sounds "dirty". Here's an upside, once we take all that "tar" out of the sand, we'll have a wonderful beach! Maybe we should call it beachingoil? Or beachoil...makes me think of a coconut smell drifting on a slight breeze.


NB Tory Lady said...

Keep on talking Dion. Keep on blogging Garth. The sandbox is big enough for both of you but here is a news flash - you will not be getting your "prime time" badges yet. Bring in more sand--Ralph says he wants to come and play.

wilson said...

Boycotting oil from the tarsands...what a joke!
Ok, let's open up NAFTA and take oil from the oilsands off the table for distribution to the US.!

Central and Eastern Canada and the US import oil from OPEC countries.
Trouble in Iran, and they will all be howling at Alberta's front door for 'dirty' oil.....or they will freeze in the dark.

Anonymous said...

You could not make this "green shit" up Dion "da defender of Halberta" in his little cowboy outfit, at the zoo, in front of the monkey cage,I guess they can't afford a hall. How very sad for the monkeys to have to listen to that drivel. AAH.... Alberta where men are men the ladies are delightful and Liberanos are very thin on the ground.. thank GOD.
cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Snigger all you want, but there are already US cities wanting to ban municipal vehicles from using fuels made from the oil sands. They call it dirty because the process consumes so much fresh water plus produces a lot of greenhouse gas (3x more than convention production).

Much of this talk comes from those who would like to drill all over the States, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There is a lot of potential oil in shale and possibly off the continental shelf.

The ANWR would provide about 2.5 billion barrels of oil over its lifetime, equivalent to Canada's entire production over two years.
Canada's reserves are about 75 times as large as ANWR.

So yes, talk of boycotting is pretending, mainly to get more support for more projects such as ANWR.