Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ethics? You Call This Ethical?

Day two was by far the busiest for the opposition parties. Szabo starts things off by allowing Mayrand to take what in essence would be like the fifth amendment. Then the opposition parties shut down any questioning of Mayrand, and finally, using dirty tactics they manage to get rid of all the witnesses that the Conservative party put forward. If you only watch one video, make it the last one, it's full of true Liberal ethics, which means of course, none.

This video shows Szabo letting Mayrand take the "fifth".

Then next, we have all members of the opposition shutting down questioning of Mayrand.

Finally, and the most important one to watch, the Liberals play dirty. At the end of the tape, you can hear the Conservatives yelling at Szabo. Personally, I don't know how they held their tempers that long!



West Coast Teddi said...

Another good batch of botched Szabo. I watched as much as I could on TV and then again on your UTubes, so bad that it is sick.

Question: when someone posts as "Anon", does their identification show on the home Blog computer?

Just wondering as I find it "annoying" to reply to "Anon". I realize that my blog handle is as anonymous as "Anon" but at least you know it's the same poster (me).

hunter said...

I can track down who posts a comment, from what I understand blogger isn't very good at blocking individual posters, I might have to disallow all anon's, which I would hate to do because some anon's make great posts. But, how much does it take to choose a name like west coast teddi, and use it?

My best advice, for now, ignore my stalker. I'm seriously thinking of disallowing anon's.

WCT said...

Thanks, appreciate the reply. I realize you are put in a bit of a bind on this.

Even Jeffie Drive Bye acknowledges himself (Jeff Davidson) and I think his coming out of the political "closet" to debate was a good move on his part because it makes us all better for it. I used to take the bait on the stalkers and trolls but "what's the point" when if comes to serious subjects - like going into a knife fight, getting cut up, and then the opponent disappears into the back alley never to be seen again until the dusk arrives again.

Reid said...

Thanks for posting those videos Hunter. My new job doesn't allow for me to watch that stuff while on the clock.

I think, based on what I've seen so far, Szabo will be joining Garth on my "douche bag of the year" nomination list.

hunter said...

Reid, I think you are right, he at least deserves an honorable mention!

Anonymous said...

Repeat broadcasts of these meetings on CPAC, (may be subject to change on short notice):

"The July 15th Session of the HOC Ethics Committee will be rebroadcast on
Saturday July 19th from 12:00 PM to 4:40 PM Eastern time.

The July 16th Session will be rebroadcast on Sunday July 20th from 12:30 PM to 5:15 PM Eastern time."


maryT said...

I have noticed that a few anons do have initials at the bottom of their post. You can keep those ones. But anonhaha is taking up too much of your time and space.
As I said on another thread, with supporters like gayle, anonhaha and jo green, the liberals have more problems than we know. Add in garth, szabo, holland and jennings and think, do we really want any of those in positions of power. The thought is very scarry. And OT but lets all support those conservative acting native women. Taking charge, more power to them.

Rich said...

Climbing out of the Dark: I caught the Ethics Committee on CPAC this week end and I would like to say that I have never witnessed a more biased and political display of partisanship by a chairman of Parliamentary committee that what I witnessed from Paul Zabo. I hope that there is an election this fall and Conservatives get back in with a majority government. Failing that, Alberta should consider separation. I know that the Alberta government is looking for mottos for the new license plates; well, one such motto should read "The Republic of Alberta