Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Alberta Gives The Finger To Dion!

Well, not really, we are too polite for that, not like Trudeau.

If 4 billion in new technology and transportation funding doesn't shut Dion up, nothing will! Problem is, his green shaft would still tax every barrel of oil we produce. His plan doesn't even try to reduce CO2, it will tax all energy industries no matter what they do to reduce emissions. Don't think you are exempt either. The enviroweenies hate this plan as well, listen to the last bit of this video.

4 billion that could go to health care, instead the environmentalists have forced governments and industry to spend money on air. Do not doubt that the enviroweenies will NEVER, ever, be happy, it will NEVER be enough, and the media is pushing this issue as hard as they can, I wonder why? Newspapers are big polluters, all those chemicals, ink, and paper. Oh right, CO2 is pollution, not smog or "dirty" lakes.

The Pembina Institute’s Dan Woynillowicz called it a “clear sign the government is taking climate change seriously,” but he qualified that by noting the province should invest more heavily in renewable energies like wind power, which doesn’t ravage land as much as oil sands or coal mining.

However, not all were impressed. Both Sierra Club and the NDP said Alberta taxpayers shouldn't have to help companies lower their greenhouse-gas emissions with subsidies for carbon capture.

This would be funny if they didn't really mean it! No taxpayer help for new technology? The technology you have been screaming for? You guys are starting to look like women who want a divorce, and all the guys money as well. Pathetic.

The province and its oil industry have been under attack at home and abroad for producing "dirty oil" – a reference to the large amount of greenhouse gases generated by energy-intensive oil sands extraction.

The image has resulted in a flurry of anti oil sands strategies in recent months by various levels of government in the United States that could shrink the market for Canadian crude.

In Canada, the latest attempt to penalize the oil sands industry came from Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, whose carbon tax plan would collect money from producers and redistribute it mostly in Eastern Canada.

You know what? Alberta can sell their "dirty" oil to China and India, no skin off our noses. By the way, how can the east justify their use of "blood" oil from Arab states?

Dion is no environmentalist, like Suzuki, he's a cheap snake oil salesman. I expect Dion, and environmentalists to come out in praise of Alberta's new initiatives. If they don't, then we really know that it's all about wealth redistribution, not the environment.


Ardvark said...

I just saw this story on the late news, good job getting it out there.

Dion likes to claim Alberta and Saskatchewan will be at the center of something big and that more money will magically start flowing into Alberta from all over the world for research and tech development, but like the rest of his plan it is high on rhetoric and assumptions but low on any details.

No explanation as to where these dollars would come from,(the green shift allows for NO government dollars) and a total absence of numbers as to how much.

Wishful thinking does not a policy make.

Stelmach is cutting Dion off at the knees by making Alberta's efforts to cut CO2 #1 in all of Canada, and all without taking 1 penny out of the economy. No wonder Dion is afraid to debate Stelmach.

Real reductions and real dollars going towards technology.

Dion's plan uses real dollars (our tax dollars) but doesn't deliver any real reductions, or deliver that much promised money for new technology.

NB Tory Lady said...

Very nice post...blog on !!

xh said...
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Anonymous said...

It's all Greek to me!

Great editorial in the National Post today about Dion's scolding Alberta and asking Albertans to repent.

Jen said...

According to ALBERTA OIL AND GAS REPORT friday july 4, 2008, companies like Syncrude have taken measures to deal with the environment since 1990, plus the heavy monster size trucks used at the Oil Sands are built in eastern canada.

By the way California has the dirty sticky 'TAR SANDS'
Alberta: OIL SANDS

Anonymous said...

Atheletes are in BEIJINE, and it is polluted there; have you heard the environmentalist scream at the Chinese government to clean the air-no, why? the chinese government most likely will send them packing or.....
Question is "why arn't these so-call environmentalists take their wrath at the CHINESE GOVERNEMT for a change. It doesn't make sense that other countries are taking measures to do something about environment while CHINA etc constinues to pollute. Where are these hot shot environmentalists.

hunter said...

Sorry about the spammer! Exactly, why does China get a free ride?

wilson said...

Just in !! (teehee)

Company seeks $8.5 million from Liberals for use of Green Shift name

Well, as an Albertan, Stelmach's plan is
''the plan as an opportunity for spiritually cleansing sacrifice'' as Dion is telling us we need.

Add the garbage=fuel world's first plant, in Edmonton,
and largest windmill farm in Canada ,in Alberta,
Alberta leads the way!

My tax dollars going to reduce ghg's AND develop new technology....it doesn't get any better than that!

And if the environutjobs don't applaud these moves by Albertans, it IS all about wealth distribution.