Thursday, July 17, 2008

As The Stomach Turns Part One!

I just go through watching today's (Wednesdays) ethics committee meeting, it was disgusting, I will post some video's of it tomorrow, but tonight I have some unedited video of the Conservative members questioning Marc Mayrand on Tuesday. Take some time and watch them, I have provided no comments on the video, you decide.

That's the start of the proceedings, Mayrand looks bad, and has no real reason for only picking on the Conservatives. Then on Wednesday it's a whole different story. Suddenly he clams up due to the lawsuit, and Szabo let's him. Then ALL of the people that the Conservatives wanted put on the list are rejected, every single one. It's just about 2:30 here, so videos will have to wait until tomorrow.

To get prepared for what's coming, read Kady O'Malley, for a really disgusting, childish view of the proceedings. She should just sit there and do her nails for all the actual true commentary you get from her. How old is she? 12? This is a supposed reporter, but she comes across as babyish, and ohhh aren't we worried that you only got ice cream to eat for lunch, and that your thumbs hurt.

Oh, it was apparently suspended until *2:15*! Next time, I’ll have to listen more carefully, rather than burying my head in my hands and praying for a swift death. I missed out on fifteen minutes of thumb relaxation time.

Is this woman really that interested in herself and her problem thumbs, or is she just shi*tless?

Marlene Jennings is ready to call the vote on Pat Martin’s motion, but we’re now deep into grumbliness. As it turns out, the chair’s ruling removed the names of every one of the Conservatives’ proposed witnesses, which - not surprisingly - is not going over at all well.

Oh really dippy, grumpliness? That's not a word, but don't let that little item get in your way. Do adults really read her shi*t?

I have never seen a better reason to give the Conservatives a majority. The lefties were out of control today, talk about undemocratic, Szabo is sickening. I used to have some respect for NDP MP Pat Martin, no more. If the opposition parties think they came off well today, they should join Kady when she decides to do her toenails, they can all watch the painted nails dry.

As the stomach turns, part two... get ready for it tomorrow, it's not pretty.


Jen said...

Frankly speaking this kangaroo court should shut down or else have a real judge to act as the chair.
Hubert points were excellent but before plunging into questioning Mynard he made sure that the 'five points' echoed by Mynard is asked and verified first before Hubert started his line of questions- The frenzy in the opposition were getting nervous.
Mr. Goodyear was making points of his own but as usual the chair interrupted and looking at Goodyear very closely I noticed his eyes had a 'laughing' expresion to the chair BS.
Mr. Polievere well he gave the chair an example which include 40million dollars; adscam and finally address the chair as the kangaroo court.

When Pierre wanted to continue asking Mynard questions the chair had a vote and obvisouly the opposition said 'no' which alerts us that they are not interesting in the election proceeding and must have something to hide.

The liberal party that stole from the NATION is addressing the kangaroo court on ethics. what a joke.

frmgrl said...

I watched that too Hunter. I thought it was disgusting. Sorta reminds of Ezra and Mark Steyn against the red chambers of HRC's the subverting democracy.
The CPC were clearly making progress in poking holes EC's case against them. What are the opposition parties afraid of? Why were ALL of the Conservative's witness rejected? The opposition shut this down for a reason. They don't want to be exposed.
They are using this kangaroo court at taxpayers expense for totally partisan reasons and the MSM as usual are not telling the whole story.
I hope this backfires on the oppostion parties, EC and the MSM like the other faux scandals did.
Paul Szabo has to be the worst chair out there. Before the Mulroney, Schrieber circus I used to have a little respect for the man but now this does it for me. He's just as sleazy as the rest of the Libranos.

Fay said...

Frmgl nails it when she describes Paul Szabo's chairing of this committee as subverting democracy.The liberals must be very afraid of the truth.
Shame on Pat Martin for siding with the Liberals. When you reach the point of consciously supporting lies and bullying then it is time to retire Pat Martin.Your standards are now as low as Ralph Goodale.

Curls said...

I don't understand it. Paul Szabo was a Chartered Accountant in another life and they are usually very conservative. I can not believe some of his rulings in the L'affaire Mulroney/Schriber. His Elections Canada rulings are more of the same.

Joe said...

Oh come on folks, this is the ETHICS committee. Its not like anyone cares what they have to say. They blew any credibilty or moral authority they had looooong time ago. Kinda like that UN committee on racism where all the members are the most racist countries.

The only problem I have is I have to contribute to their wages.


Surecure said...

I think the one point that just blows this whole thing out of the water is Marc Mayrand sitting there and saying, a) that there were only 3 people who know of the raid on the Conservative party HQ that was supposedly leaked to the media in advance, and b) that all 3 people investigated themselves to clear up whether a leak in fact took place.

Talk about a joke. How can you believe these people when they just sit there and act like that is acceptable behavior for a government organization? And then we are to believe that such actions are not a clear indication that they are trying to cover their tracks in actions that were specifically designed to damage the Conservative party in some degree and solely for the benefit of another party?

Yeah... sell me some swampland baby.

As for Kay O'Malley, her live blogging is pretty childish. You should read her live-blogging of the press conference held by Green Shift's Jennifer Wright when they announced their lawsuit. It was the biggest load of garbage I have ever read. The one net effect of live-blogging is that, since it is entirely reactionary, it truly exposes the reporter's personal bias. Katy's is as obvious as they come and it allows you to really know for future's reference how to approach her "news" articles... whatever that term means in modern media.

West Coast Teddi said...

Shaft happens, shift happens and now sham happens.

We need a great big "shamwow" to mop the chair and his sham-cronies off the table. They are a travesty of democratic justice

maryT said...

Thanks for posting the videos and covering these meetings. Many cdns, like myself, have no access to the live coverage, or are gone during the time it is on. This will get much more coverage for the average person than what we hear on cbc/ctv/global. I had heard reports about the change in rules etc after the fact, and with the presentation of two handbooks it is obvious that is what happened. Also liked the question re a radio ad etc, and response, and then the name libby davies and the ndp come out. OOPS, why are they not investigated. I think the witness was caught off guard. Keep up the good work.

Calgary Junkie said...

Does anybody else find the first of Mayrand's "five factors" a joke ?

Supposedly, all five factors had to be present, before EC auditors would reject a claim for expense reimbursement.

As best I can remember from the testimony, Mayrand's first factor was something like:
"the official agent of the candidate couldn't show sufficiently detailed understanding of their election advertising"

When pressed by Russ Hebert to point out what part of the Elections Act this factor referred to, Mayrand couldn't (or wouldn't) say. Mayrand seemed to be arguing that "it was reasonable to expect that an official agent would have such detailed knowledge."

How could a judge listen to this drivel, and NOT side with the CPC ?
If Mayrand can't point to which specific section of the Elections Act the offical agents violated, then I gotta believe he's dead in the water.

maryT said...

The media and liberals were surprised at how the Gomery inquiry was followed by people in Quebec, and the reaction to it. I think the same will happen with these ethics hearings. It will come back and bite E.C., the media and the liberals in the you know where. It is possible that some of the opposition members are getting their last kick at the cat as MPs.
The sad thing is that they will be getting taxpayer money for years with their pensions.
The next thing that needs to change is when one is eligible for a pension, it should be based on completed terms instead of years as an elected member.

maryT said...
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maryT said...

sorry for the double post, delete one of them.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a better reason to give the Conservatives a majority.
And how would that make any difference? Do you intend to abolish Parliament or something? Majorities let you ram your bad bills through, but you still have to let the opposition speak.

The lefties were out of control today, talk about undemocratic, Szabo is sickening.
It's always "undemocratic" when it doesn't go your way, isn't it? Your people wanted witnesses from other parties, to try and claim "everyone does it". No. This hearing is about your party and alleged criminal activity.

I used to have some respect for NDP MP Pat Martin, no more.
Yes, and your parents "used to" vote Liberal. The "concern trolling" of yours is getting a little absurd today.

If the opposition parties think they came off well today, they should join Kady when she decides to do her toenails, they can all watch the painted nails dry.

So we can add "sexist" to what is so great about CPC women?

Looks like you've got nothing except smears. It was hilarious when one of your trained seals demanded that the committee look into things that are currently before the courts. I guess you plan to abolish those too, if you get a majority.

Then out of the other corner of your party's mouth, we are told that Omar Khadr's case is "before the courts" so of course you can't comment on it. That is technically correct, not commenting on cases before the courts, except the "court" he is before fits your "kangaroo court" wording much better than any parliamentary committee would.

Anonymous said...

For those who may want to see the repeat of this Szabo committee in action, this is CPAC's programming for the weekend, noting that it could change without notice:

"The July 15th Session of the HOC Ethics Committee will be rebroadcast on
Saturday July 19th from 12:00 PM to 4:40 PM Eastern time.

The July 16th Session will be rebroadcast on Sunday July 20th from 12:30
PM to 5:15 PM Eastern time."

wilson said...

As I understand it, correct me if I am wrong Gayle where ever you are,
Committees are given the power to collect/investigate etc. with the end result being:
'a Report sent to the Government, with ''recommendations'' (take it or leave it), and Government has 120 days to respond.

So the use of Committee to attack/embarrass/harass the Government goes......nowhere.

The Green Shaft did a crash and burn before it orbitted Canada even once.
This is a sideshow to divert attention from the Liberals and their loser election platform.

maryT said...

And if an inquiry is decided on by the govt, it is the PM who appoints the head honcho to investigate, and sets the terms of the investigation. So, if this comes to pass, the PM can recommend that the actions of all parties be investigated, or witnesses called from all parties. And further, the PM can set the date for when inquiry is over, aka 4 yrs into the future. Would love to see a real judge question committee members of the opposition and the head of EC and his cohorts. Maybe the liberal video crew could also be called.
Wonder if the gotchascam artists have thought that far ahead. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

The Green Shaft did a crash and burn before it orbitted Canada even once.
No, the Green Shift has seized the high ground, leaving the CPC spluttering that it will "screw everyone". It is truly beautiful to watch the CPC argue against tax cuts. They are certainly squirming. Really there isn't much else to say about the Green Shift, everyone understands the basic idea. After the summer silly season, you will hear more about it.

This is a sideshow to divert attention from the Liberals and their loser election platform.
Strange that it was in the works for quite some time before the Green Shift was released. The CPC obstructed this for months. They wanted to get the election out of the way before this came out.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the gotchascam artists have thought that far ahead. I doubt it.
I don't know, why don't you ask them? Your continuous gotcha tactics got tiresome a long time ago. Surely your CPC "gotchascam artists" will eventually make a mistake.