Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Globe, Shining Star For The Liberals!

Media bias is not possible in Canada, nope, if you say it is, you are some nut, spewing conspiracy theories. Take for instance the Conservative party suing Elections Canada, this will be decided by the courts right? Wrong. This is going to be decided by the media, if fact, they have already convicted the Conservative party.

I took screen shots because the Globe has a habit of changing their headlines when people complain, or just disappearing whole articles into the wilderness, they don't delete them, just make them very, very hard to find on their online site. Let's start with the first article at the Globe and Mail, now very hard to find:

Quebec Tories swapped ad expenses, Elections Canada alleges

Quebec Tories swapped ad expenses, Elections Canada alleges


The Canadian Press

July 22, 2008 at 9:26 AM EDT

OTTAWA — The Conservative Party shifted thousands of dollars in advertising expenses from two of its top Quebec candidates to other Quebec candidates who had more spending room in their 2006 federal election campaigns, the lawyer for Elections Canada has suggested.

This was the headline at 9:26 AM, now look at how the same story has morphed, under a Globe and Mail writer:

Tory ad scheme in Quebec was illegal, watchdog says


From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

July 22, 2008 at 10:35 PM EDT

OTTAWA — Four-fifths of the cost of the Conservatives' 2006 election-campaign advertising in Quebec was funnelled through local campaigns in a financing scheme that Elections Canada alleges was illegal, according to testimony provided in a court case.

Notice the first article was from the "Canadian Press", the second one from the "Globe and Mail". Notice also that the Globe says Wednesday, but the date is Tuesday, July 22nd. Let me print the screen shots of the headlines just encase they change before the morning.

I added a screen shot from the CBC just to show you what intellectual giants the MSM really are, they take one article by the "Canadian Press" and run with it, no originality, no sniffing out a story, just lazy, sloppy reporting. They take the story, change the headline, and presto, new story!

What really gets me is that the Globe writer uses this headline:

Tory ad scheme in Quebec was illegal, watchdog says

He doesn't allege it was illegal, he clearly states in the headline that it "was illegal". Oh, sure, in the first paragraph he uses the alleges word, but not in the title, talk about dirty reporting, tabloid style. That is what the Globe has become, a tabloid. The Conservatives have been tried and convicted by the Globe. Guess they are just helping their Liberal pals in the Ethics Committee. Funny how they failed to report on any of the Ethics Committees doings, especially this one.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Glad you picked up on the Globe headline. Absolutely disgusting.

When I read that this morning at National Newswatch I thought, oh they must have had some definitive judgment here. But no. It was just testimony.

However, I understand that headlines are usually not written by the author of the article, so we shouldn't necessarily blame Campbell Clark.

Very irresponsible of the Globe though, that's for sure. I would never pay one nickel for that rag.

Anonymous said...

Joanne and Hunter don't like the Globe because they don't understand the comics.

Anonymous said...

Szabo, Chair of the Ethics Committee should be on trial with Khadr in Guantanamo. To even consider him a Canadian, is a stretch. He is a liberal bias wizzle, that is in a position way above his head with abit of authority, and has no desire to reach the truth. Just a little errant boy, doing "unethical tricks" which the liberal party is known for and look mighty amateur at it as well. He is certainly a disgrace to our House of Commons committees, and I am sure if anyone with any "brains" had a chance to see the last 2 days of his kangaroo court he conducted, he would quickly be removed.

Matt Cahill said...

I was expecting Paul Szabo to start chanting "I can't hear you! I can't hear you! I can't hear you!" whenever Poilievre or Tilson made a point of order.

It's no wonder, based on his Chair performance, that Szabo never made cabinet in all his 13 years in the Chretien and Martin governments.

This can't get to the courts fast enough and put this dysfunctional committee out of it's misery quick fast in-a-hurry.