Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad, Bad, Alberta! Good, Good, Ontario!

I would say Alberta should separate, but the econuts would still be on our case. The National Post printed an excellent article by Premier Stelmach, that got ignored by all other Ontario media.

Alberta taking action on climate change

While others sit around a cap-and-trade poker table figuring out how to redistribute chips and gamble on Canada's economic future, Alberta is taking real action to make real reductions.

So, Alberta is taking real action, spending over 4 billion, but Ontario signs a vague agreement about maybe doing something, no money involved, and that's all we hear about. RAH RAH, out come the cheerleaders, the environmentalists, and the automotive workers...oops, maybe not the autoworkers, in celebration of how green McGutless is making Ontario. No mention of the lost refinery for Alberta gold in Ontario, no mention of how this will impact manufacturing, nothing. What can you expect from a province that re-elected McGutless because of not funding faith schools?

What is really funny is that the only agreement the provinces could come up with was to reduce CO2 by 20% in 2020! They are being hailed as ecofriendly now. Sounds familiar.....OH that's what PM Harper has been saying.

QUEBEC — The Harper government faced new pressure Friday to adopt a more aggressive climate-change plan after Canada's largest province threw its considerable political weight behind a North American initiative to tackle global warming.

The Conservative government's plan to target industrial emitters is aimed at reducing Canada's emissions 20 per cent by 2020, but it uses 2006 as the starting point rather than the 1990 baseline used by the United Nations and the WCI. The Harper plan also does not include a cap-and-trade program.

Do they seriously think any Canadian cares about what year is used as the base year? If the Liberals had done anything except raise the CO2 levels 36% above the 1990 levels they might be believable. An econut from Suzuki says something and we should blindly believe it? Are we amoeba?

And here is the real agenda, this is central to all that we hear. This is NOT about the environment, this is a political agenda by the econuts.

Its addition gives increased leverage to the WCI and could reduce the political ability of energy-producing and heavy-polluting provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan to influence the political debate.

Could reduce the political ability.....kind of reminds me of the Dion Green Shaft, a wealth transfer that has nothing to do with the environment. There you have it folks, it's about political power, not the environment. Did you ever doubt it?


Jen said...

My husband showed me the article and it would be nice of you hunter to have it on your site for your visitors to read.
We have taken measures to deal with emissions since 1990's, the reason why no one knows about it is because we don't brag about it 24/7 "look! look! what we have done, we are ahead of everyone in emission reduction."

By the way Hunter, remember MC SHIFT who said will get rid coal generating plants because it is polluting the air.well, did he, or is he the liberal spinner.
Let's see how much pollution has been contributed into ontario atmosphere and still mcshifty is still not doing anything.

wilson said...

'reduce the political ability of ... Alberta and Saskatchewan to influence the political debate'.

Isn't that curious.
The provinces that are fueling the economy, keeping Canada out of recession, will have no influence due to NOT joining the non-energy producing provinces and a few US states in a cap & trade scheme.

Yet the success of a cap & trade depends on the dirty oil&gas producing provinces to pay and BC/Quebec/Man/Ontario to receive.

I call that huge influence!

Anonymous said...

“Cap-and-Trade” is a misnomer; the title should more candidly and precisely be labeled something like: “Tax and Wealth Transfer”.

West Coast Teddi said...

If it is true that Alta and Sask "cause" 40% of the CO2 "pollution" and AB/SK the sequester 50% of said CO2 underground, what then is RoC's percentage of Canada's global warming? Will the answer to this question "screw up" Dion's economics re: Green shaft?

Bet ya he don't NO the answer?