Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick Blog , It's Late.

Just back from our yearly community BBQ, 30 people, great food, and to top it off, fireworks. Also we had our MP show up, stay and I hope have a good time.

James Rajotte is the Chairman of the Industry Committee, one of the only functioning committees going, so we were very proud to have him show up to our BBQ.

Just shows you our MP's are human and can connect with the everyday voter. Good job James, you made some new friends.

Now off to bed with me. Global warming had me shivering.


Jen said...

James Rajotte is a good guy -no doubt! he truly listens to you.

Hunter, yesterday I paid close attention to the electorial officer who read the elections rules, five factors etcs. What intrigued me is the line of questioning by Goodyear, Polievere and Hubert. they were more concern about the FIVE FACTORS which were never implemented in the election act in the 2005-6 election act farless for any party to follow through on it. not until now, when the conservative heard about it for the first time.
what is also amazing is that the election canada implemented these FIVE FACTORS without ever been disussed by parliament first. It is not election canada to implement rules or make up rules of their own without the permission from parliament.

Instead of the opposition parties demanding to know why elecion canada invented rules without the permission from Parliament. they praised the election canada instead. also they were too busy asking questions about the jail sentence, fines and what have you.
If the conservatives had not been meticulous in their line of questioning- we never would have known about the 'FIVE FACTORS'.Neither would they.

WCT said...

Next year shoot for the stars and put PMSH on the invite list. You could then classify your block party as an official BBQ circuit hot spot