Monday, July 07, 2008

Fun With Jane!

Jane Taber pretty much gets beat up (figuratively speaking) and Fife scores one against Campbell. Why don't the Liberal MSM understand that they look stupid shilling for the Dion shaft tax? Do they seriously think we are that stupid? Well you decide:

From the sounds of it Dion is going to exempt BC and Quebec because they already have carbon taxes. I suspect that Dion is talking to Danny in Newfoundland and McGuinty must have been offered something he can't refuse, because he is on board all of a sudden.

Guess that leaves Alberta and Saskatchewan to carry the burden for Canada. Nice idea if people were as stupid as the Liberals think they are, but Dion is no Chretien, the right is united, and the separatists are close to non-existent. Whole new ball game Dion, and you have already struck out, you just don't know it. Running around the bases endlessly, just gets you sore feet.


Cool Blue said...

So BC and Quebec won't have to pay the tax but they'll get the income tax cuts?

Isn't Quebec supposed to receive like 40% of the income tax cuts? Now we hear that it won't pay the federal carbon tax!?

Anonymous said...

I usually refuse to watch "Question Period" because Jane and Oliver are so liberal bias, but yesterday I turned it on - and Jane was her usual liberal self... She was pushing everyone for the dion tax grab, almost bashing the Northern Premier - asking him why wouldn't he support dion's carbon tax. on and on... saying it was going to be revenue neutral, but when she gave Sheila the first and last chance to push the liberal agenda - and interrupted Tim constantly and not allowing him to speak - it was so obvious.... Sheila is now back in action - promised a "big adviser" position or senate seat if she mouths off for dion.... and gets him elected... I couldn't get over Jane - she cheered Hiller - a liberal appointment - but jeered Harper because she said she was sure he was going to get "creamed" on his environment plans at the G-8 ..... She was looking into the future and just knew... I wonder, last week she cheered Mr. Dion for putting his plan out there... why didn't she jeer him, because it wasn't going to work!... but that was a liberal plan, and her job is to sell it!... She is so bias for anyone but liberals to watch it, is utterly crazy....What she said to watch for this week - dion selling his tax grab - nothing on the G8 - that is going to fail, she just knows it. Can you imagine dion at the G8 representing Canada with his cowboy hat!. Wonder if Jane thinks he is fat - that is what she said about Mr. Harper when he was visiting China... We have to expose these liberal reporters for what they are... I wrote Question Period told them it was a disgrace...If they want to host a liberal show - then advertise it as such.... but not to push the liberal agenda down our throats all the time... Present the facts, we can make up our own mind....

Anonymous said...

Nevermind Taber being bias, I am sorry but she is a complete ditz.

Ths may be rude again but what does that airhead offer?

CTV needs to lose Taber and liver and get someone in there woth a brain.

The bias I expect from the media, but at the very least get someone who is not a flake.

Just watch her, she is awful. She stick to writting gossip collums.

Matt Cahill said...

It's frustrating watching Jane Taber interrupt Baird whenever Baird tries to answers questions that Jane posed to him.
Why ask the questions if you don't want the answers?

It also bothers me to see how basically informed Jane Taber is. She herself should've known that Stephen Harper said that the Dion Carbon Tax would "screw everyone", not just the West.

It was nice not to see Craig Oliver there yesterday. Nobody had to correct him over who he was talking to. Jack Layton must've wanted to jump through the TV camera at Oliver when he called him Mr. Dion last week.

wilson said...

''Guess that leaves Alberta and Saskatchewan to carry the burden for Canada.''

The carbon taxes imposed by BC and Quebec are very different. If Dion exempts them, that opens the door to other provinces to call any scheme a carbon tax.
Well, Alberta imposed a 'carbon tax' on industry in March 2007.
So we are already there.

BC taxes gas at the consumer level (voluntary reduction of ghg),

Quebec taxes fuel at the industry level (voluntary reduction of ghg),

Alberta imposes tax on industry that does not reach tough targets (mandatory reduction of ghg).

A tax is a tax is a tax.

''....a surprisingly tough bill that will force companies to reduce their CO2 emissions per barrel by 12 per cent starting July 1, or pay $15 per tonne into a technology fund.

...But what it is, actually, is a tax on carbon users and producers that will fall most heavily on oilsands companies and coal-fired electricity plants...''

Anonymous said...

My point too about Alberta - We are way ahead of the other provinces.

We have had a carbon tax since July 1, 2007 which levies $15 per tonne on I think it is our 700 industrial emitters.

Funny the media in the rest of the country omits this little fact and Dion maybe does not even know.

The money collected in the fund goes directly to research and development of energy efficient or carbon and emmisions reducing technology.

Isn't that what a carbon tax is supposed to do? Not fund Marxist style social engineering programs like daycare that Dion intends to do with this so called windfall Green Shaft.

Why do you think the media is ignoring the fact that Alberta has a carbon tax?

Eskimo said...

Jane, you ignorant sl.....

Jen said...

Hi guys sorry to interrupt Jane's love affair with the liberals. but are you listening to David Rutherford now, he said that we ALBERTA has taken the leader to battle climate change and is annoyance with the liberal party. His tone is tells it all. listen to him.

maryT said...

I would love to see conservative guest get up and walk out the first time jane or ollie interupt them.

Jen said...

Mary T. she asked questions to suit her liberals but has no clue that she is making an ass of herself as an reporter. a child can do better than that.

Taber and the others are just using air time campaigning for the liberal party.

I wish at times the conversatives will ask her to answer her own questions.
especially on questions which she should have asked the liberals years ago which the liberals have yet to do, accomplish and neglected: like environment, military, poor etc.
Pay attention next time on QP to the line of questions.

Anonymous said...

Good old ad hominem.

You have nothing else.