Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Because Of Illegal Immigrants...

Being a non-hyphenated Canadian, I get ticked off at immigrants who expect us to bend our rules to accommodate their culture. This can be worked out if everyone comes to the table with a love of Canada. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, and should get no sympathy from Canadians, hyphenated or not. But this debate is getting carried to the next level in the US, and it is not pretty or fair to anyone anymore.

Tonight was a great indication of what is happening in the US. My husband was watching the Lakers game in Spanish! Seriously, he pointed it out to me, and I couldn't believe it, about five minutes later, the station fuzzed over, and then it came back in English. Was this done on purpose by the station, or was it just a broadcasting error?

What is apparent, is that progressives are pitting Americans against Americans, because of illegal immigrants. California is boycotting Arizona because of illegal immigrants, and Arizona is talking about California not getting power or water from them anymore, because of illegal immigrants. It reminds me of Quebec bashing Alberta for our oil sands and then grabbing the equalization money in their grubby hands, still yelling about how they deserve more for doing nothing.

The progressives tell us that the Arizona law will lead to racial profiling. The Arizona law clearly states that can't happen, it is modeled from the federal law, so why the outrage against this bill? Obama bashing his own people to China and Mexico, is a perfect representation of progressives. They really don't like America.

So how do Americans feel about the new law?
An Arizona utilities official is threatening to switch off the electricity the state sends to Los Angeles in response to the city council's vote to boycott the state in protest of its new illegal immigration law. Do you agree with the fight-boycott-with-boycott response?

Maybe the progressives need to go back to the basement and rethink their plan.


CanadianSense said...

It is interesting the poorest Americans are suffering as a result of the failure of the states and federal gov't to deal with the illegal immigration.

If Employers were heavily fined, jailed those jobs would dry up.

Local citizens in Arizona have a legal right to legislate. In a democracy those who don't share the views can run against them in local and state elections.
They are free to take this to the Supreme Court etc.

Quebec, Greece, California are not good examples of a healthy democracy. The special interests and lack of fiscal responsibility.

Debtors states trying to impose their socialist policies, values that they can't afford to sustain.

jessica said...

I am perfectly aware that you're not going to post this, but I figured you'd read the comment anyway and hopefully stop post such fraudulent, ignorant shit. California is not boycotting Arizona because of illegal immigrants, as you claim. LA is boycotting Arizona because they are employing a racist policy that promotes racial profiling. Again, not because of illegal immigrants. See the difference? I also wanted to say a personal "fuck you". Here goes: fuck you, you racist bitch.

hunter said...

jessica, you have some issues. Your Mom should have washed out your mouth with soap years ago.

Typical lefty, you have no point to make so you attack the person. If my blog bugs you so much, don't read it.

CanadianSense said...

I wouldn't jump to her being a lefty.

She could be an employer using illegal labor and having an unsafe working conditions.

She could also be an illegal.

She could be a terrorist, criminal hiding in a foreign country.