Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ALL MP's Should Get A Real Job!

Before they jump from a university political science degree into politics, they should really get real jobs!

Let's look at some random MP's bios.

Malcolm Allen

Member of Parliament, Welland
Skills Training and Apprenticeships
Deputy Critic Food Security (CFIA)
Deputy Critic Agriculture
Mauril BĂ©langer was born and raised in the town of Mattawa, in mid-north Ontario. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa. Mauril and his wife Catherine are proud grandparents.
Prior to entering politics, Mauril held various positions in the public and private sectors. In the early 1980s, he was an assistant to the late Right Honourable Jean-Luc Pepin; afterwards, he worked as a stockbroker and, in the early 1990s, was Chief of Staff for the Chair of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Mr. Peter Clark.
 Ron Cannan was first elected as Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country in January, 2006.

Ron successfully uses his experience and knowledge as a long-time Kelowna City Councillor and Regional Government representative to be an effective and enthusiastic champion for his riding and his constituents.

His greatest satisfaction comes from helping local organizations and citizens obtain the support they require from Ottawa. 
 John (Cummins)holds a M.A. from University of British Columbia (1988) and a B.A. from University of Western Ontario (1966). In his early years, John worked in the pulp and paper industry in Ontario, the oil fields of Alberta, and on the construction of the Bennett hydroelectric dam in northern B.C. He taught school in the Northwest Territories and in the Peace River district of northern Alberta, then spent fifteen years teaching in Delta. John is also a commercial fisherman; he has owned and operated commercial fishing boats in B.C. for over 20 years.
Telephone: (613) 995-9732
Fax: (613) 996-2656
Web Site:* (in French only)
Preferred Language: French

So much for bilingual Canada there Michel, you hypocrite!
A random, close your eyes and click on a MP, survey shows that only one MP has any industry experience at all. This is scary because they are making the laws and policies that impact our working lives. Four out of five have no idea what working in a non-union, non-professional/academic environment actually means. All MP's should get a real job before they get elected. I do not mean a government service sector job, I mean a REAL private industry job.

I urge you all to check on your MP. They might be nice guys/gals like my MP, but ask yourself, what have they done except get elected?

Here's some of my MP's bio:

He received a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. 

Great, education is a wonderful thing! No mention of a job except as MP.  He presently chairs the finance committee, and is doing a great job, but I wonder if he knows what a balanced budget actually means? Did he take any accounting courses at university? Social sciences...maybe some economics courses then.  Arts....would that be political science? What does one study at university when they study political science? The art of getting elected? How to shout down your opponent in Question Period? I don't mean to pick on my MP, because I feel he is a very good MP. He is active in the community, spends lots of time talking to his constituents, and never seems to make waves with any party members.

My point is that our politicians need to stop being politicians only worried about getting re-elected. They need to start thinking about what is best for Canada, now and in the future. The reform party used to ask their constituents how they wanted their MP to vote on controversial issues like gay marriage, and the MP honoured their wishes, no matter what the party stand was, no matter how the MP personally felt about the issue. It was refreshing and it empowered the voters not the MP or the party. I miss it. 

Maybe our MP's should go to a training camp. Send the Bloc MP's to Alberta to work in the oil patch, and send the Alberta MP's to PEI to fish for tuna and lobsters. If nothing else, it would be highly entertaining!

Education is wonderful, but your BA/MA/PHd gets you nowhere towards a career, unless you want to be a MP or teach. In an election your education doesn't really matter, and it shouldn't . Same thing goes for all levels of government, provincial and municipal, everyone gets a fair shot, it doesn't mean they are competent. This is why MP's get stuck in the polling muck, they have never had real jobs, and if they did, they have ignored what their constituents want, they vote the party line instead. Party loyalty should never be put before your individual constituents wishes, like happened with the gun registry vote.

 Get a real job MP's, it will help you understand what your voters are going through. Anyone can get elected, you don't even need a degree, if you are willing to listen to your constituents. You need your feet on the ground and your ear towards what your voters want, not what you think they want. Ford is an excellent example. Ford had a platform, and he stuck to it. All parties should be studying what he did right against all odds.

Get a job, then run for office, we would have a better run Parliament.

Pray for Andrew Lawton, God will listen. 


Cherniak_WTF said...

So what "real" job has Harper had?

And, the Cons always seem to vote as a bloc... curious that...

Southern Quebec said...

One one hand, he was an Economist, on the other hand...