Friday, December 03, 2010

Ding Dong, Avon Calling!

Avon is jumping on the ban oilsands band wagon. Let's see how long it takes them to jump back off. Email Avon Canada, "the company for women", and let them know what you think of their environmental program.

Avon avoiding Alberta oil

American cosmetics giant Avon has announced it will avoid using fuel derived from the oilsands to distribute its products.
Vice-president Tod Arbogast says they've asked their transportation partners to avoid high-impact, high-carbon fuels such as those from the tarsands.

Here is a sample of what I emailed them:

I am trying to be environmentally friendly, and would like to purchase products within the 100 kilometer limit. I am wondering if you produce any of your products near Edmonton?
I purchase my oil within the 100 kilometer limit that environmentalists impose on us, where do you purchase your oil? As a self proclaimed "company for women" you wouldn't be purchasing your oil from Saudi Arabia would you? You do know that they don't even let women drive there don't you? Not to mention honour killings and stoning of women, please don't tell me that you purchase "blood" oil!

I guess they think CO2, a harmless substance that plants convert into oxygen, is more important than women being oppressed. They are now on my boycott list, and I will tell all my workmates about their callous disregard for woman's rights. Maybe they should rethink their boycott of Alberta oilsands oil, and then I can rethink my boycott of their products. Oh, forget it, the damage is done, just like I will never again shop at Gap, or Bed, Bath and Beyond, I will never buy their product again.

Aaron Sanger of ForestEthics, which is co-ordinating and helping implement the anti-oilsands campaign, says the companies are calling into question the social licence of oilsands fuel.
We need to use the econuts (very few of them are actually environmentalists) weapons against them, and hold companies that jump into the eco-madness before they think to account. Hey ForestEthics, how much is Soros paying you? Tell those companies who want to boycott the oilsands that you are respecting the 100 kilometer limit and therefore their products can not be purchased. Tell the econuts that they should not be traveling thousands of miles to Cancun for a two week vacation, they are breaking their own 100 mile rule. Start making them accountable for their own actions.

An Alberta business lobby group, called the Alberta Enterprise Group, is now calling for a boycott of Avon products in response to the company's announcement.

I like this group, they are standing up to the econuts, and calling out the companies that think they will get brownie points for being "green". Start using the power of the purse to stop those companies who want to hold you to account, while they produce their products in polluting China. How hypocritical of them!


maryT said...

Google-aborted fetus and cosmetics.
Where do people think they get the collagen from in creams etc.

CanadianSense said...

Nothing wrong with shaming the eco-terrorists who have destroyed the good work of environmentalism.

It is a shame what these radicals have done.

David said...

You might find this interesting too.