Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Again In Alberta!

You just need to look at the history of Alberta politics to see what is going to happen next election! It's going to be interesting. 

1917 it's all Liberals, then, bang next it's all United Farmers. Then 1935 bang it's Social Credit, then 1971 bang it's Conservatives. Right now the Conservatives need to be worried, because in the 2012 election, I predict, it's going to be bang Wild Rose!

Interesting article about how the Liberals came to power in 1905...the usual, the Federal Liberals promised the moon and delivered nothing. I am shocked, they were at the same games as they are now way back in 1905! Oh, forget it, I'm not really shocked, it's what I expect of the Liberals. Bet this isn't in the history text books!
The Liberal Party took office in 1905, before Alexander Rutherford, a Liberal Albertans had a chance to vote. They benefited from their association with the governing federal Liberals, who appointed the province's first Lieutenant Governor and made promises that depended on the cooperation of the provincial government. The Opposition Conservatives' advocated similar policies, but their support was limited mostly to southern Alberta, where fewer ridings were drawn. With no effective opposition, the Alberta Liberals held on to power until 1921.

Lefties often harp about Alberta being a one party province, and how that has ruined our province. Funny, we hear nothing about corruption in Alberta, but BC, Ontario and especially Quebec seem to be bogged down in corruption problems, something the lefties fail to mention is they are all run by LIBERALS! Fancy that! I say, Albertans are smart enough to not elect any lefty party in our very prosperous province. We now send our tax dollars to have not provinces like Liberal Quebec and Liberal Ontario, and Liberal PEI, need I say more? Keep your "progressive" economy killing lefty parties out of Alberta, we are doing just fine thank you.

The winds of change are blowing again in Alberta. Wild Rose is tied with the PC's.

CALGARY— Alberta’s governing Progressive Conservative party is in a statistical dead heat with the Wildrose Alliance as Albertans grow increasingly concerned about the state of health care, a new poll finds.
The survey by Environics Research Group, provided exclusively to the Calgary Herald, indicates 34 per cent of decided voters would support Premier Ed Stelmach’s PC party if an election were held today.
The poll found 32 per cent would cast a ballot for Danielle Smith’s Wildrose Alliance, meaning the figures are within the survey’s margin of error. The poll of 1,011 Albertans, conducted between Nov. 22 and Dec. 2, shows the Liberals under David Swann have seen their support slip slightly to 19 per cent, while Brian Mason’s NDP sit at 13 per cent.
Face it, Albertans will never elect the Liberals or the NDP. So now, we have a real battle between the PC's and Wild Rose. Is Alberta about to go BANG again and send the Wild Rose party into power? Maybe not this election. It will probably be a minority government with the Wild Rose as the official opposition. That would probably be the best outcome. It will give Wild Rose the chance to learn how to govern, and if they do a good job in opposition, the voters in this province will give them full support, and then bang a new party will rule Alberta. It's how us Albertans do things. We clean out the old really quickly and replace it with the new. The Alberta PC's have become really old, like smelly old shoes. 

I smell a change coming in Alberta, a fresh new scent of Rose petals, to clean out the stale offices of the Legislature. It's funny because Albertans rarely talk politics, they go about their work, without being political, but they shift as one. Maybe it's something in our water, or maybe it's our desire for a government that respects our independence as individuals. 
We know what freedom is, and we understand how it is slowly being taken away from us. My vote goes to the party that will abolish the AHRC (Alberta Human Rights Commission). Most importantly, my vote goes to the party that advocates for private property rights. Right now, we think we own our property, but in reality, the government can come and take it, and they can dictate what we use it for, or do on it, or with it. We have no power until we have private property rights. This should be a major platform for the Wild Rose party.


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That is good news. Let's hope you are right.

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