Friday, December 10, 2010

AVON, Is The Ding Dong Calling!

I emailed AVON, and finally got a response. It was the same response that everyone got. They never answered my question, "Is your product produced within 100 kilometers of Edmonton?".

Nope they sent out a standard "cover your ass" email. Monster does an excellent dissection of the email.  

A while back I sent an E-mail to the Avon people about my displeasure of their GREEN attitude towards the Alberta Oil Sands.
Message:So you would rather use blood oil from Saudi Arabia or Nigeria rather then Alberta`s clean oil. That’s fine. I will just have to tell you that your products are no longer welcome in this household and any that are already here are now in the trash.
Monster and I got the exact same email. Go to his site to read the email, it is enlightening in AVON's obvious lack of knowledge of Alberta and the Oil sands. Trees? Hello AVON, trees don't grow in oil soaked sand. You are supporting more trees being killed

Christmas concert tonight was wonderful. My oldest rocks with his trombone! I am so proud of him. Bake sale went well... the band needs the money to be able to go perform at Disney World. How come  there is no money for bands, and no money for trips to Quebec? Who is getting all the federal dollars in support of arts and language. I can attest to the fact that we have paid FULL price for my kids to go to Quebec and Seattle (jazz band). We have had no tax deduction. I don't want special treatment, just fair treatment.

Where is all the "cultural arts" money going? Not to kids in junior/high school. What I have seen, is that we pay full price for any extra curricular activity our kids want to take, and the supposed "artists" demand grants for their survival.  Get a job, you are not special.


Southern Quebec said...

My question, is: Why would anyone in their right mind USE Avon products? Don't you read labels?

CanadianSense said...

Can you imagine how many more kids will benefit if we dump the CBC and invest the billion into tax credits for parents to help their chidlren.
Today the current credit is $ 500 for sports and $ 500 for arts.

We could double to 1,000 for each and Don Cherry can move to a private broadcaster like CTV or TSN to cover HNIC.

Rural and Right said...

My letter to Avon questioned the Oil Sands boycott and the reply was the generic one with spin finished of with deflection to paper use.

Avon may not be compleatly “boycotting” fuel from Alberta Oil Sands, but from the letter I recieved from Avon.

Avon stated “We encourage our supply chain partners to join these efforts by minimizing consumption of fuel and to focus on sourcing fuel with the lowest environmental impacts and embedded carbon footprints.”

Avon has aparently chosen to source fuel based on “carbon”, but has failed to look at sourcing fuel from ethical countries such as Canada that respect womens rights as opposed to sourcing fuel from countries such as Saudi Arabia that treat women like property.