Sunday, December 05, 2010

CanCON, A Disaster!

Presidents, Prime Ministers and Heads of State are conspicuously absent from Cancun. This is a disaster for the climate change supporters. Nothing is going to come out of this meeting, except some suntans and hangovers.

One group that is there to politely protest are the Americans for Prosperity. They probably all flew there, not that it contravenes any of their beliefs, the same can't be said for the climate change crowd. They want us to reduce our consumption, gas use and flights, but it's okay for them to fly to Cancun because they have a "purpose"! They have a "cause"! They want to "save the planet"! What weenies!

Go watch the video at Americans for Prosperity, it shows us how people are starting to fight back against the econuts. One of the speakers is Andrew Breitbart, who brought down Acorn! Good job Americans for Prosperity, we need more groups like you to shine the light on the climate change fraud. I hear even Gore forgot to go to Cancun. Chicken Little's when the truth is shone down on them.  Is Suzuki there? I bet not. They know the gig is up and that this money transfer scheme is over.

Next meeting of these people needs to be in Churchill in February. Or maybe when it's warmer and the polar bears are still on land. We could send them out to count polar bears and see if they really are endangered....the bears I mean! Happy counting!

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West Coast Teddi said...

There will be a "face saving" agreement from this conference to justify delegate attendance. Won't amount to much but will be heralded as a great break through and set the path to the next boondoggle in South Africa. They will save their entitlements for sure.