Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blame Alberta!

Will the Liberals never learn? Are they so egotistical that they think people still listen to their lies? I understand that Ontario is having an election, but what does Alberta have to do with their election?

Well, it seems that Dalton wants to do what Liberals always do, blame Alberta. Trudeau gave us the finger, and instituted the transfer of oil wealth from Alberta to the east, using the National Energy Program. It killed our oil industry overnight, people committed suicide, walked away from their homes and swore to never vote Liberal ever again. The mention of Trudeau leaves a sickening smell in the noses of people in Alberta. 

So, what does Dalton do? He proclaims, without any evidence at all, that the east has been supporting the oil industry for "decades". 

Funny, it now appears that the west is supporting the rest of the country, but Dalton is trying to use that old Liberal trick of divide and lie. Why do Liberals hate the west? What have we ever done to them but shovel huge amounts of money towards the east?

Even though Ontario is now a "have not" province, they deny it, but still take the wests money. Ontario has a provincial debt of over 200 Billion dollars, Quebec over 500 Billion, and Alberta zero, yet somehow it is Alberta's fault that Ontario is on the rocks? Somehow Alberta is to blame for Dalton's bad management of Ontario?

Well good luck with that tactic Dalton, Ontario is going to hand you your pink slip no matter how hard you slam Alberta. We here in Alberta are cheering on our fellow Conservatives in Ontario. We know it is time to clean out the barn, slop the pigs, and shout "heehaw" because the Liberal brand is dead.

Good luck in trying to divide our country Dalton, you are truly an unfortunate mistake of nature.


Archie said...

Maybe we should send Dalton some of Edmonton's Mosquitoes or our mayor and through in Gibbons as a bonus.

fernstalbert said...

Don't cha' worry Dalton, Alberta can buy equipment from other countries - we are not tied to your sorry economic policies. This includes employing people - there are thousands outside of Canada that would love to come to Alberta and be part of a dynamic, winning province. Glad to show you the door. Cheers.

Calgary Junkie said...

An incumbent Party that doesn't run on their governing record, is making a big mistake. Paul Martin's largely anti-Harper 2005/6 campaign is a good example. The unmistakable message to voters is that the incumbents are ashamed of their record.

The other big mistake Dalton et al are making is that they are taking on the role of pundits, as they "analyze" Ontario's situation. A politician should stick to advocating and explaining their policies.

Anyway, the desperation and flailing away looks good on these guys.

West Coast Teddi said...

And with these words and comments, I would like to thank the Premier of Ontario, Dalton Mcguilty for nudging the Province of Alberta closer to separation from the Dominion of Canada. Alberta may just beat Quebec to the door (we are better at “clarity”!). Sleeping dogs and all.

Kunoichi said...

Did you catch this? Right-wing media 'dont' tell the truth' Duncan says?

Anonymous said...

I guess the line is drawn in the sand. Ontario and Quebec have decided that it's time to put Alberta in its place. Keep it up folks, you're gradually, but surely pushing this province toward my fondest hope...separation.
As for Obama and the E.U.: one only has to look at how well their economies are doing to be given a perfectly good example as to why anything they say should be ignored.
As an independent nation that is not required to allow Ottawa to rake in huge amounts of tax dollars from the oil industry and is not required to pay monstrous transfer payments to our wild spending socialist neighbours we could be rolling in cash even if we never increased the amount of oil extracted from the oil sands. I can easily live with that scenario.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with (Canadian) socialism is eventually you run out of Alberta's money.