Monday, July 11, 2011

Mosquitoes Good, Knives Bad!

Here in Edmonton, our far left mayor and councilors cut the mosquito fighting budget by $200,000 and stopped spraying dandelions because they are not poisonous. I can live with not spraying dandelions, but we are being eaten alive here for no other reason than the greenies on our council are out of control. My guy, Iveson, is the biggest greenie of them all. We can't idle our cars in minus 30 weather because of him, students at university have to pay over $200 a term for those students who ride the transit, even if they themselves don't use the transit, and now we can't spray for mosquitoes or dandelions because it will hurt our environment!

We have to spray DEET on our bodies to ward off the mosquitoes, is that not bad for us humans? Do you really think that plants care about the chemicals that only kill the mosquitoes? I want Iveson to take a walk in the park, without spraying himself with ANY chemicals, and see how enjoyable the experience is for him, maybe he should take his family too. Even our dog can't go outside without being swarmed by these bloodsuckers. I especially hate when they fly up your nose. I hope no-one gets the west nile virus from all those mosquitoes because of bad decisions from our city council. Tourists are not going to be impressed by our murder/mosquito city no matter how many arts museums mayor Mandel builds. 

If that isn't bad enough, our far left mayor wants a ban on knives! We all know how well the ban on long guns worked, so let's just ban carrying knives as well. Edmonton is now the murder capital of Canada and of course the politicians need to appear to be doing something, so we get a ban on knives. Stupidity in the extreme. Our new police chief is in full agreement with Mandel, I had hoped for more from the new police chief, but it appears that he is already pandering to the mayor.

My husband pointed out today that we never see the police ticketing anyone anymore, and Edmonton drivers are the worst in Canada, another feather in our cap. As a matter of fact, we just never see the police. Crime is down the lefties shout every time the Conservative government talks about more money for building jails. I say, build more, convict more, and send more greenies to those jails for deception and fraud perpetrated on the public! Australians are learning this lesson the hard way. They now have to live with a carbon tax that will do nothing to help solve actual pollution.


Archie said...

Crime is down in Edmonton because people stop reporting it. The police station in North East Edmonton shut the phones down after 8pm. Why report a crime when the police cannot be bother to come out, they tell you to take a couple of pictures and come to the station and fill out a report. The police in Edmonton are a joke. All the Mayor is worry about is were he is going get the money to finish his LRT projects. They did a audit in Edmonton and the auditors came back and said the city was a mess. The LRT is more important the controlling Mosquitoes.

Southern Quebec said...

In urban areas Mosquitoes breed in standing water. If people would stop leaving pots and buckets around with water in them, then they could control the mosquito population.

As to spraying deadly chemicals on dandelions...well. Last time I checked, no one had ever been killed by a blooming dandelion. ON the other hand, people who do spray and then let their kids and pets play on the lawn... They should be put in the jails that you want to build. Imagine some one who cares more about their lawn than their kids...

GRM said...

Actually, people who spray and then let their kids and pets play on the lawn are just plain stupid. Putting a ban on herbicides and mosquito fogging even stupider. Typical left wing-nut thinking in both cases.

E. Crang said...

Bulletproof vests have been banned in BC due to the gang wars of 2009. That's in the same category of stupid as your knife ban.

Southern Quebec said...

1) Quantas is only going to charge $3.50 per ticket extra. Oh the humanity...

2) The guy with the knife? He doesn't look like he should be carrying anything more than a Swiss Army knife!

JR said...

"Crime is down the lefties shout .."
They're right about that - according to StatsCan the violent crime rate, from its 1992 peak at 1087 per 100K, dribbled back to 930 in 2007.

BUT, what they DON'T acknowledge is that it's UP by more than a factor of 4 from 1962 when the violent crime rate was only 221 per 100K.

All the media reports is recent history.

liberal supporter said...

Many knives are already banned, such as switchblades, which are in fact prohibited weapons.

Hunter, what did your husband say about scrapping the short gun registry? Every argument for scrapping the long gun registry applies to the short gun registry. Since both registries are run by the same department on the same computers, scrapping only one does not put a big dent in the cost. And if it is so ineffective, it is equally ineffective on short guns (which are used in so many murders in the big cities).

liberal supporter said...

BUT, what they DON'T acknowledge is that it's UP by more than a factor of 4 from 1962 when the violent crime rate was only 221 per 100K.
Good old 1962. The reason this year is always trotted out is it is the first year they had somewhat uniform definitions for crimes. Do we assume the rates earlier were even lower?

1962 is just before all that women's liberation stuff you love to sneer at. The fact remains, rapes were seldom reported then, unless they were accompanied by a murder. Now, let's look at a crime that has not changed in how we view it, such as murder.

The murder rate in 1962 was 1.4 per 100K while the murder rate in 2006 was 1.9 per 100K. A 35% increase, not a 400% increase.

Why are you so uncritical of the 400% stat being bandied about to support your agenda, when it is wrong if you compare apples to apples (like murders). A bloody nose used to be considered a tough lesson, not a violent crime.

Why don't you apply the same skepticism to crime stats that you apply to climate change? The "hockey stick" 400% increase in crime is in fact bogus.

JR said...

liberal supporter: "gun registry ... equally ineffective on short guns (which are used in so many murders in the big cities)".
Exactly. How many of those big- city-murder guns do you suppose were registered?
When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns - and "short guns" are all but outlawed.

Crime stats.
First, the arithmetic. An increase by a factor of 4 is a 300% increase not 400%.

Don't like 1962? (Even though StatsCan considers it valid for comparison with other years). Then try 1965 or 1967 or 1977 for which violent crime is up by 210%, 145% and 60% respectively over 2007 rates.

Murder rate up by 35% from 1962. That's a large enough increase but not nearly as big as for other violent crimes like like assault sexual assault. They don't concern you?

Why use violent crime stats? Because violent crime is most likely to result jail-time. You know, what you liberals and our bleeding heart "justice" system laughably refer to as "serious" time behind bars.