Wednesday, July 06, 2011

MP's Back Home, Don't Leave Them Guessing!

Your MP's are back home and supposedly ready to hear from you, so don't let them down. Call up your MP and ask about things like the human rights commissions, the gun registry, the Canadian wheat board, and my favorite, the CBC.

Now that the Conservatives have a majority, like them know what you expect. We voted with our hearts, now it's time to hold them to delivering what we want. So far, they are talking but not delivering. I am willing to wait until September when Parliament resumes to see what they are up to, but so far, I have not been impressed.

Invite your MP to your community barbeque, see if he/she comes, even for a few minutes, if they don't, you better see them on TV giving a rousing speech to hundreds of people. They are here to represent you, the voter, not to live large on their salaries while ignoring you.

My MP has come to our community party a few times, but according to the party organizer, he is busy this year. I can understand that, what I can not understand is that he did not personally phone her to tell her he couldn't make it, his secretary phoned instead.

I am worried that since the Conservatives have gained their wished for majority, they are now forgetting their "reform" roots, and are acting like liberals. Let them know what you expect, it was the loud "reformers" who got them in touch with the voters, but many Conservative boards have now been taken over by "conservatives" because being Liberal isn't working for them. It's time we looked at the makeup of those boards an make sure that "reformers" still have a voice.

To my MP, if you read this, at least call Vera to apologize for not being able to attend the barbeque, don't let your secretary be your voice. All Conservatives need to hold their MP's to account, let them know what you want to see happen for the next 4 years, don't leave them guessing!


West Coast Teddi said...

My MP was in the local Canada Day parade smiling brightly from her “smart car”, followed by a couple of guys in muscle cars from the car club, followed by the only horse in the parade which “pooped” every block. Such fun! I have sent her 2 notes so far with no replies. I would doubt that she would listen to anyone.
Her “changing climate” hockey stick is broken – who is my MP???

maryT said...

WCT, are her initials LM.

liberal supporter said...

You didn't mention criminalizing abortion and banning gay marriage. How can you be a Reform/Conservative if you don't push MPs on these issues so important to you?

I know why, but I'll enjoy watching you try to explain this away.