Thursday, July 14, 2011

CTV Hating The Oil Sands, Who Could Have Guessed?

CTV reported that Whooping Cranes fly through the oilsands. Get that? The oilsands are on their flight plan to the protected Wood Buffalo National Park. Not that they land in the tailings ponds, or that they have been found to get killed by briefly landing near the oilsands development. They publish a one sided article that fear mongers the fact that they fly by the oilsands.

EDMONTON — Environmentalists are concerned the Alberta government isn't doing enough to protect whooping cranes from oilsands development, as new data shows the iconic endangered species continues to migrate through the increasingly industrialized region.
"Whooping cranes need to be given their due consideration and we haven't seen that to date," said Peter Lee of Global Forest Watch, which issued a new report Sunday that combined information on the birds' migration paths with the location of oilsands facilities.
Bad, bad oilsands, as usual. Can anyone find an article from the CTV that is positive about the oilsands? Thought not.

What really shows their biased reporting is the fact that they NEVER mention the fact that Whooping Cranes are in even greater peril because of all the wind farms that are directly in their flight path. They were either too lazy to research the article properly, or they just plain hate the oilsands and want to fear monger.

"We would hate to see any collisions with whooping cranes," said Laurie Jodziewicz, the association's manager of siting policy. "It would be very distressing for everybody."
But Jodziewicz said the wind industry will continue to grow in the crane's migration corridor and should not be subject to regulations that don't apply to other industries.
Industry reluctant to change
"It's a very windy area," she said. "We certainly want to work toward minimizing impacts, but there is a real driver behind wind energy, which is the need for clean, renewable electricity.
Aren't wind turbines known as bird choppers? Funny how when it is wind turbines, environmentalists are fine with whooping cranes flying into the chopping blades, and further developing the wind turbines, but when it comes to whooping cranes "flying over" the oilsands, hysteria ensues.

Shame on CTV for providing such a unbalanced article, fawning over everything eco-weenies say, without checking facts. Okay CTV, we understand that you hate anything from Alberta, especially us Conservatives, but that was a really lame and poorly researched article. I want to see an article that praises how the oilsands are driving the Canadian economy, and therefore providing jobs for all who dare to come here, to Conservative Alberta.


Anonymous said...

An awful lot of wood buffalo is reclaimed oil sands land, it's now park where once it was goo.
It's right across the road from the operating oil sands, literally.

West Coast Teddi said...

Typical CTV (CBC too) so watch Sun NewsNetwork instead!!It's "fair and balanced" with great humour too boot and in the morning when I watch while doing breakfast there is lots of western Canadian news and views - a nice touch.

Life happens, birds will be birds, buffalo will be buffalo, and man will be ... intouch with nature!

Southern Quebec said...

For someone who says they boycott CTV and CBC, you seem to spend a lot of time at their web sites...

Maybe SunNews will have the same high standards that Rupert Murdock requires of his "reporters"! Oh, wait...hahahahahaha

West Coast Teddi said...

No connect Less-Que but you can fan-ti-size your pants any way you want hahahahaha.

"We" spend time at the Ceeb and CTveee so that we can make those important choice decisions that you'all lefties can't do ... DELETE

and we don't buy (bye 4 U) their advertiser's products hahaha

Alex said...

These one track eco-losers are literally delusional. They make up whatever nonsense suits their agenda and bang it all out on petroleum keys too. Scum of the earth. Seriously.

Thanks for finding this stuff so that I don't need to visit the ceeb or seedy-vee.

hunter said...

Thanks to all of you for pointing out that we need to pay more attention to the "alternative" media to get the real story.