Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Edmonton, Not Only The Murder Capital In Canada...

Also the mosquito capital of Canada. Now that's going bring in the tourists! What an embarrassing and totally incompetent council we have, from a mayor who spends MILLIONS on an art gallery no-one goes to, to my lefty councilor who rides the LRT to work (he's a green freak) but is never actually seen in his riding doing anything positive for us. Last election he promised us that we would get a LRT stop at 40th Ave, he hasn't mentioned it since, typical lefty, promise the world, then ignore the voters.

I know I am harping about the mosquitoes, but they are emptying our wonderful parks because you don't dare walk anywhere in Edmonton anymore, if not in fear of your personal safely, it's because the mosquitoes will eat you alive. All we hear is that they are monitoring the traps to see if we have a problem. I say step outside for a minute and you will have the answer. How bad is it?

According to City of Edmonton data, the total mosquito trap count took a giant leap from 492 mosquitoes caught on July 5 to 7,927 on July 12.

 Houston, we have a problem! No kidding mayor. They cut the budget by $200,000, but found millions to build an arts gallery. I have lived in Edmonton for over 30 years and have never visited the arts gallery. I have visited the museum, the zoo, Fort Edmonton park and frequently flew out of the now defunct municipal airport, but never wanted or desired to visit the arts gallery, but my taxes have now paid for that waste of space.

Mayor Mandel and his merry band of lefties had better get their heads out of our butts and start actually serving the taxpayers of this city instead of building condos for artists. Get your priorities straight mayor. Oh, and could we please get the "Klondike Days" back, because Capital Ex is just stupid and meaningless.


West Coast Teddi said...

Klondike Days are gone?? Oh dear ... they were kind of fun. Not the Stampede of course but a good show none the less.

And the Muni Airport too?? Used to work at the Esso office on Kingsway and watch Pacific Western "drop" their 737s onto the run way - great lunch time show!!

Where oh where has the City of Champions gone??

dmorris said...

What do you suggest they do about the mosquito problem?

I have relatives in Winnipeg,and since the City stopped spraying DDT,then malathion, they claim to have the worst mosquito problem in Canada.

Mosquito control by any method other than spraying is labor intensive and expensive,so I guess municipal pols would rather their citizens suffer until the first frost,than use those nasty chemicals.

I moved to the desert eight years ago. It is SO nice to NOT have mosquitoes!

Anonymous said...

"I have lived in Edmonton for over 30 years and have never visited the arts gallery."

How come I'm not surprised?