Thursday, July 21, 2011

If It Saves Just One Life, It Is Worth It.

Dr. Bennett, you have an appointment....with some violent criminals. You can yap all you want about crime rates, but until you actually visit a prison, keep your yap shut. Typical Liberal, bellyache about Conservatives being tough on crime and forget to actually talk to the ones most involved, the victims. Then she needs to go to a prison and talk to the inmates, she will be shocked with the crowded conditions they have to live in, that should get her little Liberal heart beating fast so she can start a group advocating better prisons.

Statscan's "Crime Severity Index", which tracks violent crime, also dropped to its lowest level ever since that index was created in 1998.
"Yet we have a Conservative government trying to implement policies based on ill-informed ideas instead of evidence," said Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.
"Conservatives continue their fear-mongering in hopes of scaring Canadians into accepting severe and ineffective crime legislation. The omnibus crime bill planned for fall will only exacerbate prison costs."
 Liberals blast the Conservatives for getting rid of the useless long gun registry, by stating...."if it saves just one life, it is worth it". They should also apply that same logic to prisons. If keeping one violent criminal behind bars for their full sentence, "saves just one life"... it is worth it!

How about this unhinged Judge, who couldn't wait 3 minutes for a prosecutor?

An Ontario Court judge, in an apparent fit of pique, has tossed an entire docket’s worth of guilty pleas.
The incident happened Thursday in 202 court in Newmarket, north of Toronto, where a dozen people, some of whom had already pleaded guilty and were slated for sentencing, were abruptly released.
Ontario’s attorney-general’s ministry is already “taking steps to have a court review the dismissals,” spokesman Jenn Bell said in an email, with a view to getting the charges “back before the court quickly.”
The courtroom is solely dedicated to guilty pleas.
Apparently furious that assistant Crown attorney Brian McCallion was late returning from a recess, Judge Howard Chisvin abruptly dismissed the charges for what he called “want of prosecution.”
 This is Liberal justice? Free guilty people because a Judge was made to wait a few minutes? This judge should be fired. Especially for a past ruling:

Judge Chisvin, who was appointed to the bench in 2004 after an 18-year stint as a defence lawyer, is no stranger to controversy.
Three years ago, he set free a man who was facing four charges of assault, three of threatening and two of mischief in relation to a domestic dispute because the judge ruled he had been denied a properly speedy bail hearing.
But Judge Chisvin didn’t only release the man, also ordered the Crown to pay his $12,000 legal costs as a penalty for what he called its “lackadaisical attitude.”
Three months later, the same fellow, one Davood Zarinchang, was being sought by York Regional Police for attempted murder in connection with a violent home invasion. The revelation that he’d been released not long before by Judge Chisvin caused a brouhaha.
A headline in the Toronto Star on Feb. 5, 2008, read, “Warrant for man released by angry judge.”
Mr. Zarinchang was eventually convicted in connection with the violent home invasion and sentenced to seven years.
And in the spring of last year, the Ontario Court of Appeal ordered that he also stand trial for the charges Judge Chisvin had thrown out – and reduced the amount the Crown had to pay for Mr. Zarinchang’s legal bills to about $3,000.
 So, the Judge releases a violent criminal and 3 months later that same criminal gets arrested for ATTEMPTED MURDER? Dr. Bennett can harp all she wants about statistics that show crime decreasing, that is her right, but I want her to talk to some criminals first, she might be shocked about what they have to say. Too bad she is all spit, and no shine!

Here is an idea, Dr. Bennett should go undercover into a prison for the month of August, live with the inmates, talk to them, see how crowded the prisons really are, and then come back and spout off about no funds needed to upgrade those prisons. She should spend the month in a provincial prison, not a federal prison, because from what I hear, the provincial prisons are hellholes compared to the federal ones.

MP's go on fact finding tours to places like Greece, Italy, and France all the time. It is time for them to go on a fact finding tour into our prisons. I bet none will, it's not an exotic enough location, kind of like the Greens, never holding a conference in the NWT in January. 

Maybe an actual journalist could do a little investigative reporting and talk to some real criminals, convicted of real crimes, to see what they think of the prison system, and while they are at it, they might want to talk to some prison guards, parole officers, etc. It might be an interesting article, instead of the garbage we usually get from journalists.


Anonymous said...

"If It Saves Just One Life, It Is Worth It."

This cliche is one of the stupidest in existence.

The saving of that one life cost money. That money, if spent in another and more effective way, might have saved many more lives.

By the way "If It Saves Just One Life, It Is Worth It" is typically used by supporters of the Long Gun Registry.

Just saying...

cantuc said...

It seems that she doesn't even realise that she's making a point in favour of more prisons . the prisons are over full and she claims crime is going down . . the point being - the criminals aren't commiting crimes while (or because ) they're locked up .
Unfortunately there are a lot of crimes going unreported . I have seen 3 major crimes happening myself in the last 3 years i did not report . I don't have enough trust in the local police force and the justice system altogether to endanger myself or my family .

liberal supporter said...

So Hunter, do you support abolishing the useless short gun registry? Every argument for abolishing the long gun registry also applies to the short gun registry. And since they are both housed on the same computers, abolishing one will not save a lot of money without abolishing the other.

Do you, or do you not, support abolishing the entire firearms registry?

hunter said...

Poor LS, harping on endlessly about the short gun registry.

Here is my answer. How many murders are committed by long guns vs short guns? Funny, short guns have been registered since 1930 or thereabouts and criminals are more likely to use illegal short guns to murder people.

Register the person, not the gun. Long or short, it doesn't really matter because criminals are not going to register either one.

Obviously you do not understand the process to purchase a gun in Canada, maybe you should read up on that LS.

Getting rid of the long gun registry does not mean that all the other rules of owning a gun are void.

Go try to get a gun LS, see what the process is, so you can appear more intelligent about the issue. You can not just walk into a gun store and buy a gun, and that will not change with the abolishment of the long gun registry.

What will happen is that innocent hunters and farmers will not be treated like criminals while the criminals get illegal guns from the US. Police will not be able to enter a property without a search warrant because they "suspect" an illegal gun is on the property.

Should we get rid of the short gun registry as well? Why not, it sure hasn't worked has it? If you think it has, give me some examples.

liberal supporter said...

Pretty long winded, but finally after several request, an answer, and that would be Yes.