Thursday, July 07, 2011

Libby, Libby, Libby, Where Are You?

I hear she is in France praising the idiots on a flotilla to Gaza. Maybe she should stop her tour of France and head to North Korea where it appears the people really need that food being sent to the people of Gaza, who appear not to really need it!

Libby will not let facts get in her way, and protesting in France is easy, she isn't going to get arrested and thrown in jail to disappear for life.

I want to see her and her partner go to North Korea to help all the people who are really starving. That would take guts. If she is too scared to do that, maybe she could go to China and protest their coal fired generators that spew massive amounts of CO2 into the air. Or she could go to Saudi Arabia and protest that women can't drive cars there. So many issues, so little guts, such anti-Israel bias.

I respect people who get up on a soap box and spout their views. That is what free speech is about, the ability to say what you want to whomever will listen. What I do not respect is people who distort the facts of a situation for their own gain. The people on the "Canadian" flotilla are being dishonest by pretending it's about "aid" to Gaza. They are deliberately making it more difficult for the people of Israel to survive, while the people of Gaza thrive. They are dishonest and they know it, but they have an agenda and their little black hearts beat faster with the thrill of righteous defense of their cause of the day. They are sad people who are not happy with their own lives, so they try to make everyone as miserable as they are.  

I feel sorry for them.


CanadianSense said...

Libby is simply an opportunist who protests from the safety of her couch and gold plated pension. Your are correct in her and party failures to criticize other socialist failed experiments such as Cuba or accept their dogma is anti-democratic.

RayK said...
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RayK said...

Hmm. Malnutrition cases in Gaza are up 100% due to the blockade, but you've got a picture of tomatoes, so I guess that settles the issue.

Southern Quebec said...

Last week Hunter showed people swimming in Gaza so everyone must be having fun!!! There are only 1 million people (in 8 camps), so how bad could it be, seriously?

You say tomato, Hunter says ANTI-SEMITE!!!!!

liberal supporter said...

Why do you support the terrorist group Hamas, hunter? If life in Gaza is so great, they must be doing a good job, just as all the problems in the US are the fault of its current president.

So why do you shill for the Hamas terrorists?