Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fly On The Wall? Don't You Dare Kill It!

So, President Obama kills a fly during an interview, and PETA gets all sanctimonious about killing a common house fly. Are they serious? Or are they using it as an opportunity to get some TV time? Who cares? Maybe we should stop laughing at them, and start to think about the harm they are doing.

They have joined with the lefty econuts to shape our kids future. Funny how they are concerned about one dead house fly, but millions of kids dying from malaria, not so much.

One of the most destructive results of the environmental movement has been the banning of DDT. I guess that PETA is also against the killing of mosquitoes, as is the WHO. MILLIONS of people (not animals) have died because of the ridiculous position of econuts and most governments.

Nothing prevents malaria better than DDT application

By Diane Katz

Death from malaria means convulsions and delirium, retching and diarrhea, joint and abdominal pain so excruciating that coma can be a blessing. The parasitic infection destroys the body’s red blood cells and clogs its capillaries, depriving vital organs and the brain of blood. That malaria strikes some 300 million people annually — and kills an African child every 30 seconds — is all the more tragic given how preventable it is. But modern environmental ideology simply doesn’t permit the use of DDT, the most effective means of eradicating the ghastly disease.

Read the whole thing, it's worth it. Remember Belinda Stronach and Bill Clinton raising money for useless bed nets? Honestly tell me if you were visiting Africa, would you stay in a place with bed nets or one that had sprayed with DDT?

Kill a fly, everyone gets offended, kill millions of people, cue the crickets. Or is that the true game plan with econuts? It's a good way to reduce the population.

Interesting exchange today in question period. The opposition was whining about cod fishing quotas. The Minister of Fisheries, indicated that one of the main problems was the 6 million seals that were eating all the cod. Might we see a seal cull? Won't that drive the PETA nuts crazy. Protest the killing of seals or the killing of the cod by the seals? My bet is that they will protest against the HUMANS who are killing the seals. I get the feeling that PETA hates people.

Fly on the wall? Don't just smack it, catch it and send it to PETA, see what they do with a million or more flies to dispose of, bet they kill them, like they did the animals they "rescued", like they wanted to kill Knut the polar bear.

So, this summer, collect your pesky house flies, ants, termites, and send them into PETA, let's practice what they preach!


maryT said...

PETA is sending O a fly catcher thingy, he is to catch the flies and release them, so someone else can catch them. Maybe we will have a fly tracking thingy, like they do bears and other wild animals.
I have argued the reason for less fish, for years, is that the seals need food.
I remember a clip on tv years ago, about a PETA protest against the fur industry. The reporter interviewed on of the female protesters and while she was talking the cameraman scanned her, fur muff, fur coat, fur trimmed boots and a fur trimmed hat. That guy should have won some award. But she was not asked about her hyprocacy. To her,trapping animals was cruel and inhumane. I still laugh when I think of it.

maryT said...

Those spelling errors are on purpose, to see if anyone is paying attention. LOL

Southern Quebec said...

I don't think The Who are against killing mosquitoes. They did, after all, participate in the Live Aid Concert for Africa.

sor said...

Those bed nets are a major joke. No one uses them as they are a danger. Most abodes in Africa have some kind of open flame at night for heat or illumination and so the bed nets are a fire hazard.

As soon as the kids start to walk they stop using the bed nets.

Of course Mercer and Stronach won't tell you that. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hunter - at first I thought you had a head start on the Friday funnies...until I read the article. Unbelievable.

I grew up in Winnipeg. When I was young, the fogger went down the back lane every few nights to keep the mosquitoes down. Then, the protesters found their voice and it became a tug of war between the small minority of loudmouths and the majority who wanted to kill off the mosquitoes.

The skeeters carried equine encphalitis (don't know if I spelled it correctly) which can bring down a horse. There is still some shrill woman in Winnipeg who protests the fogging - she doesn't care about anybody else or the fact that the vast majority of Winnipegers want the fogging. It's all about her, you see.

Well let me tell you - when I go into the woods and the skeeters are out in droves, I bring out my Raid and clear the area. I also slather myself with repellent.

Do I care about the skeeters? No. They outnumber us and breed like crazy. PETA is a pathetic joke.

Southern Quebec said...

FYI They do use DDT in Africa to fight mosquitoes. But don't do let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

Conservatives -- they alway lie...

Anonymous said...

DDT use against mosquitoes in Africa:

What point are you trying to make SQ?

liberal supporter said...

Don't know why you're getting so worked up about it. Obama was just sending a message to Kim Jong Il.
"Annoy me too much, and I will squash you like a bug."