Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone Golfing!

The weather is finally beautiful here, so, I'm going golfing tomorrow. It's a company event with $10 golf and is good!

Turning off comments for the day, I don't want to think about trolls or politics for a full day!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Have fun, Hunter!

It's a really good idea to get away from the computer and politics once in a while.

West Coast Teddi said...

drive for show, putt for dough

have fun

hunter said...

It was a wonderful day, sunny with a cool breeze, finally spring has arrived here!

Eskimo said...

Yes it was a nice day here in the suburbs of Edmonton.

I woulnd't put away the sheets of poly just yet, Hunter. You might have to cover the kapusta yet again!

A friend of mine was a weather forecaster for the US military during Operation Desert storm. He said it was the only job he ever had in his life that he could screw up royally and blame it on the weather. (And still retain his salary and benefits!)

I've found that if you take the Weather Network forecast and belnd it with that from Environment Canada, you do a better job predicting things yourself!