Monday, June 08, 2009

You Mean The Alberta Liberals, Right?

Alberta Conservatives are about to give their government a swift kick in the butt. There is nothing Conservative about them anymore. They went from huge surpluses to a deficit in one budget. I realize that oil prices had a lot to do with it, but mismanagement by a government who thinks they will be in power forever is the biggest problem.

Stelmach is a Dion. Too bad he is also the Premier of our province. I blame all the fake conservatives who signed up to vote for Liberal Dinning. One of the most powerful provinces in Canada has a dud for a leader and his Ministers are no better. This story shows the level of incompetence they have sunk to:

Alberta memo reveals climate change rift with Ottawa

CALGARY -- An internal memo prepared for members of Alberta's Tory government reveals a growing schism between the federal and provincial Conservatives on a host of important issues, including the oilsands, climate-change negotiations and employment insurance.

The talking points, prepared by the provincial Conservative government's caucus office and distributed to party legislature members, argues that federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is doing more to champion the lucrative oilsands than Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Get your fat butts off the dinner train that is now in Saskatchewan and start managing your own province. The day that our own Conservative government thinks Iggy is doing more for Alberta than a federal Conservative government, is the day my Conservative vote gets lost down the rabbit hole. Who ever wrote that "memo" should be fired.

We need a leader. I see none. If Wildrose is ever going to get off the ground, they need to do just one small thing, get themselves a real Conservative as a leader. Someone we all know like Preston Manning, a true Conservative to run this province. We need it for our next election.

The Alberta Conservatives have no credibility left. None.


maryT said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I wish Stelmach would come down and see the mess he made with the twinning of Highway 4, or the Canamex highway. Changed the route from east to west at a cost of several millions more. Several new bridges, including a CPR bridge, and by the end of July it is supposed to be finished. He was minister of transport when he made that stupid decision. Today, those who wanted it west (a few supposedly VIPs, including an ex mla, now see how wrong they were.
It is the reason Paul Hinman was elected here. And the reason Morton won the most votes here.
If he is doing the same to the rest of AB, heaven help us. Any word on who replaced Hinman as leader.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson - judging from Hunter's post yesterday and Janke's post, I'd say that Gayle is becoming quite obsessed with you. It seems that her personal attacks on you are becoming more frequent with each post. It looks like you've gone up a rung or two - I can always tell when the truth gets to her - her attacks become more and more pointed.

Bravo, Wilson. Well done, my dear.

Southern Quebec said...

"They went from huge surpluses to a deficit in one budget."
"The Alberta Conservatives have no credibility left. None."

It's deja vu, Part deux...hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Special Ed is a lame duck. I'd love to see Ralph come out of retirement, but the cleanup bill as a result of lefty exploding heads would keep us in deficit for years to come!

Gayle said...

Relax Hunter. Stelmach is just doing what every other Premier has done before - set himself up as the great Protector, protecting us from the evil federal government.

His job is just harder because the CPC is a very western focused government, while Klein had a much easier time painting Chretien as the great Alberta-hater.

Anyway - this strategy is how the PC's have maintained power for so many years.

Gayle said...

Hi East

When you start discussing me on a thread where I have not even posted, addressing your comment to someone who has not yet posted here either, it is kind of obvious you are obsessed with me.

sor said...

no wonder the east doesn't understand us. The Conservatives in Alberta are really liberals and here in BC the Liberal government are really conservative.

I am sure that pollsters get inaccuracies here in BC because people mix up the Liberal provincial gov't with the federals libs when responding to polls.

Now it looks like the NS are going to elect the NDP who apparently are Liberals in sheep's clothing.

What we need are those X-ray scanners that let us know exactly what each MP really is. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Stelmach's days are numbered...and the numbers are tied to the next election date. The Wildrose Alliance has garnered my membership, they now get my financial support, and they will definitely get my vote.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time, Huntsy.

The oil sands are an unsustainable project and it's sinking in - fiscal conservatives and rational individuals can't go on ignoring/ denying the problems forever. So no wonder there's a rift developing. Watch it widen as the immensity of those problems keep emerging. You say Alberta is one of the most powerful provinces in Canada, and while that may be true from an economic standpoint, it is only true to the extent it can mitigate the environmental disaster the oil sands really are. And that is magic I doubt they can pull out of their hard hats.

Anonymous said...

Re: "blame all the fake conservatives"

This idea of yours, Huntsy about what's fake and what's genuine when it comes to political ideology are pretty fabulous. Over the top really.

Reid said...

I've heard rumours, and bear in mind these are totally unsubstantiated (and perhaps more wishfull thinking), that Ted Morton is being actively recruited to make a move over to the WildRose/Alliance. That would be sweet.

Gayle said...

Oh, I hope so Reid.

Then the right wing vote will be split and we will see more liberals in the leg.

That WOULD be sweet!

Alberta Girl said...

"Then the right wing vote will be split and we will see more liberals in the leg."

Yeah - sure Gayle - you keep thinking like that - lol!!

Didn't they almost get decimated in the last election???

hunter said...

Gayle you fail to understand that even with a split vote, it would be Wildrose or Conservative. Never will a Conservative vote Liberal in Alberta.

maryT said...

If the leadership vote had been open to only pary members at a certain date, Stelmach would not be Premier. I worked the polls on both voting days and on the last day there were dozens walking in off the street, buying a membership and voting. It happened across Alberta. So, yes, it is fake conservatives who elected him as he was the majority for second choice.
I hope the party learned their lesson. And Gayle, in Alberta we vote governments out, not in, so it could happen we could have an Alliance govt. Never liberal.

Reid said...


The current Alberta PCs are Liberals in sheeps clothing. So if a few more Alberta Liberals pick up seats at the expense of Alberta PCs what's the difference?

Until there's a viable right of centre alternative in this province, "Liberal, Tory, same old story," was never truer. A person like Ted Morton moving to the WRA would do alot to increase their profile and make them a viable alternative to the current left, lefter, or lefterist parties.

West Coast Teddi said...

Having just gone through an election here in BC, I've not seen so much "I only voted BCLiberal just to keep the BCNDP out of power" talk. There definitely is a vacuum on the right for a legitimate conservative party but BC politics is so screwy that the BC-PC's are considered "fringe". IMHO that would change with a profile leader - someone from the federal CPC jumping to provincial.

In Alberta, a return of King Klein would be more of the Red Tory regime. He, again IMHO, was a fiscal failure after he initially balanced the budget and got out of debt. Became a big spender with an unfocused agenda.

Cheers everyone - beautiful day on the WC

Anonymous said...

Ted Morton - there's an individual who spent half his life in the USA. Are you sure he's a "real" Canadian? Watch out he might be just visiting!

Hahahahah!How many books has he written? Ever read any of them? Hahahah!

West Coast Teddi said...

Well Mysty-sue, unlike your little playpal Iggy-poo, Morton choose to live in Canada and become a citizen and at the tender age of 32. So he is not "just visiting" but contributing to the vast and rich political landscape that is Alberta.

Your little playpal so desperately wants to become an American you can just see his feathers a'puffin!!He would be the first to yell "51,let's be the 51st" ... state that is!!! Instead of being the first American PM he could be the first Governor of the Great State of Southern Toronto.

sarc off:) Mysty-sue

Anonymous said...

I'm just sayin' the guy has only spent half his life as a Canadian.

What's good for the goose no good for the gander?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile - in other news:

Smaller hospitals across the country will run out of medical isotopes this week, leaving many cancer and heart patients scrambling to find alternatives.

hunter said...

Myster...And what would the Liberals do to create more isotopes? TODAY?? Start up those 2 Maple reactors that they spent billions on and they still don't work?? Shove your sanctimonious dribble where the sun doesn't shine!

This is such a disingenuous argument. People are dying because the Chalk River reactor was closed down? Why was it closed down? Because the Liberals couldn't get their act together to upgrade it.

This is the Canada the Liberals created and don't you ever forget it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pretty clear that mystery meat and the LPC can't wait to start dancing on the graves of cancer victims.

Hey Hunter, in addition to a crappy reactor, we can thank the LPC for shoddy military hardware that has claimed more lives than an alleged shortage of medical isotopes ever will.

The LPC also has blood on their hands with cuts in transfers to the provinces and health care systems across the country resulting in longer wait times for treatments as well as doctor and nurse shortages.

I think it's a safe bet that under the LPC, cancer victimes probably died long before the system would have even qualified them for nuclear medicine, what with the long lineups and shortage of medical practitioners.

This is how you balance the budget liberal style-just kill off the citizens.

liberal supporter said...

As usual, the CPC blames everyone but themselves. Is there *any* issue on which the CPC will admit they screwed up? Why was restarting the reactor against last year imperative to save lives, while now it's no big deal?

We already know about Lisa Raitt's expensive tastes from the Port Authority. It would seem she was too busy enjoying the Ottawa elite life to bother with doing anything about boring reactors and cancer patients.

This inability to take responsibility will be the CPC's undoing.

Gayle said...

"we can thank the LPC for shoddy military hardware that has claimed more lives than an alleged shortage of medical isotopes ever will."

Prove it.

hunter said...

Hey trolls, LS and Gay, what would the Liberals do to increase the available isotopes today?? Easy question.

Anonymous said...

Re:"Shove your sanctimonious dribble where the sun doesn't shine!"

Um highly uncalled for but as you wish Huntsy. Well for starters they wouldn't have fired the messenger Linda Keen. For seconds, they prob'ly wouldn't be engaged in trying to offload the damn thing - for heck sake Huntsy, use yer noggin'.

liberal supporter said...

Hey trolls, LS and Gay, what would the Liberals do to increase the available isotopes today?? Easy question.
You'll find out soon enough. After the election that is. Your government's gross incompetence made this problem what it is.

Probably there won't be much that can be done for some time. But you might be surprised by what can be accomplished by a competent government that takes responsibility and builds good relations with other countries, unlike our current government, which stumbles from embarrassment to scandal. Other countries are not too interested in dealing with a government that it knows will throw them under the bus, and blame them for any problem, as it continually does here.

You are the one spewing sanctimonious drivel. If you really cared about the cancer patients, the CPC government would resign immediately and the grownups would take over until the election on October 19.

This is the mess the CPC created and don't you ever forget it!!!

hunter said...

BS LS, you wouldn't know a competent government if it hit you in the face. The Liberals stole MILLIONS of taxpayers dollars, and they repaid under 2 million of it. That repayment alone was proof of their stealing.

Yet you continue to support them, FOOL!

Anonymous said...

Prove it?

Iltis jeep.

Sea King helicopters.

CT-114 Aircraft.

All liberal governments loathed the military.

But to a raving moonbat lefty, they see the duties of armed forces personel as passing out chocolate to doe eyed children in far away countries with strange sounding names.