Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HUGE Tory Scandal!!

This has been one of the top stories all day, it's HUGE CTV tells us, HUGE!!! Why, it's a Conservative, you know those knuckle dragging (FIFE), rednecks from Alberta are at it again. Last week it was Iris Evans telling people that the best thing for children was to have one parent stay at home, this week it, well, this is just so upsetting to me as a female, I can't control my anger.

The blog posting was framed as advice for girls, and read: "Ladies, always smile when you walk into a room, there is nothing a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get shit for something and has no idea what.

"Men are attracted to smiles, so smile, don't give me that 'treated equal' stuff, if you want equal it comes in little packages at Starbucks," the post read, referring to the artificial sweetener available at coffee shops.

Okay, he told ladies to smile, and that treated equal is a sugar. Well my poor little delicate female ego is just shattered that he could be so uncaring and well, just, just, just....such a dinosaur. I mean really, smile? Doesn't he know that feminists can't smile they are so bitter? That's just cruel to make them think that they would have something in life to smile about, you know with how the equality fight is going for them.

Really, equal pay for equal work has been law for years, just ask the human rights commissions. What this neanderthal fails to understand is that the fight for equality will only end when administrative assistants get the same pay as engineers. That's true equality!!! Go sisters go!

Notley said the comments fly in the face of the struggle for women's rights.

"It's a traditional way to undercut them and say 'oh you're just so angry, just be nice,' and particularly women are undercut that way. So he may not even realize how his comments contribute to sexism, but they do," she said.

NDP MLA Notley is in the same riding as NDP Linda Duncan, it's a university riding, need I say more? Feminists are angry, they are the ones that contribute to sexism but no one dares call them on it. It's okay for them to rage against men, but let a man tell ladies to smile and it becomes headline news! What fight for women's rights? Are you back in the 60's?? Don't you dare lump all women into your agenda, I'm perfectly happy having nothing to do with your sort of woman. All you do is yap about equality, you care nothing for aboriginal women who truly have no rights, you are weak, pathetic examples of what real women care about. Why aren't you out protesting the death of Neda? ....crickets... Feminists and unions are the dinosaurs.

Now, I can say all of that, because I am a woman, but it won't stop the attacks, because I am a Conservative woman, and that is what they can not stand. Look at how they continue to attack Sarah Palin, it's pathetic how scared they are of strong independent Conservative females.

CTV is digging up anything and everything they can to slam Conservatives, even if it's only Alberta Conservatives. Hey, it worked for Obama didn't it? Try out their new comment section where you can vote thumbs up or down on any comment. So far I have noticed that sometimes my vote won't register at all no matter how many times I click it, but if I click on the same comment but reverse my vote, it gets accepted. The most disturbing ones are when I vote and the number changes to a lower number. Something fishy going on there. How can I vote for a comment that is sitting at 120 and then it goes to 50?? Has anyone else noticed this?

Sexist? Give me a break. How's this for sexist....You lads should smile more because the ladies like to see a smiling face, it will get you more dates. If you want the girls to be interested in you take dentistry at university or plumbing at college, they like a guy who can support a family and accept responsibilities. Also it's a good idea to shower everyday, and use underarm deodorant, don't forget to wash behind your ears and for heavens sake brush your teeth! Also, get your drivers license as early as you can because having Mom drive you to the movies with your date is not going to impress the girls! Open doors for ladies and the elderly, and get a summer job if you want that new game. (Heard at my house lately) Now I wonder if this will make the front page news tomorrow? HA!

The HUGE scandal, is a pathetic attempt to smear a Conservative MLA seeing as the MP's are all back in their ridings.


Southern Quebec said...

Elniski and Evans "Taking Alberta back to the '50s" -- you must be so proud!

More from Crazy Iris, "The huge failure of Canadians is not to educate the children properly, and then why should we be surprised when they have mental illnesses or commit dreadful crimes?" she said."
(She went to the Hunter School of Run-On Sentences.)

..and Elniski, from the Gay Pride Parade "I am surrounded by bumping and grinding lesbians," and "that guy has size-14 stilettos."
He got to issue two apologies on one week -- and take down his blog!

All parents of teenage girls should tell them, "Just smile honey..."

Amazing, just amazing...

Happy Fete Nationale tout la gang. It's off to the Swingers Club with all the leftards for poutine! Party!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to get to know a real woman, a real feminist, a real person - check out Queen Rania's youtube channel. Incredible woman who is making a real contribution. She doesn't shout or scream, she doesn't condemn...she just achieves results. How? By being real and tackling real issue. I admire her so much and I admire her husband for supporting her because I'm sure that he has faced some criticism for allowing his wife to do her own thing.

Queen Rania is also a children's advocate and she is making some real gains.

Compared with her, our loudmouths become irrelevant. Queen Rania is intelligent, diplomatic, determined, and she gets people on board because they want to buy into what she is promoting. Like I say - she achieves results and she does it without offending regular people.

Bec said...

Will these people EVER quit being so bloody sensitive?

The feminists have men so confused that they cannot possibly ever get it right to suit their righteous, entitled mantra.

If his voters find his comments offensive, they will let him know but from what I have heard,he has a fair amount of support.

Cause out here in '50's land', when you screw up and apologise, we get over it and move on.
Just like in 'the good ol'days'!

Southern Quebec said...

While the Queen is a real advocate for children, Jordan still has a horrible Human Rights reputation.

"...she just achieves results."
Most people don't have the resources behind them that she does E.

Anonymous said...

SQ - it doesn't matter who achieves the results as long as they are achieved. As far as Jordan's human rights record - watch her youtube posts. She is very up front about the middle east. Just as Canada didn't change overnight, we cannot expect other countries to shift paradigms overnight.

It cannot be denied that she is doing a lot for children and women. Think of the odds against her achieving what she is achieving. She could just sit back and do nothing but she is actually championing vulnerable people - slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

Re: "NDP MLA Notley is in the same riding as NDP Linda Duncan, it's a university riding, need I say more?"

Let's see...you're not into feminism, you're not into the NDP and you're not into higher education. Need you say more? Hmmmmmmm... nope, why bother? I thought those things were all givens around here.

Anonymous said...

This story is a little piece of fluff designed to distract people from the real HUGE TORY SCANDAL .

What were you saying about conservative principles yesterday Huntsy? Your team is goofy.


Fay said...

I have noticed the very same thing on the CTV comment site. I pressed a thumbs up and the counter number went down. Is this not illegal?

Gayle said...

"...it's a university riding, need I say more?"

Let's see, a riding filled with highly educated intelligent people. Nope, nothing more need be said.

Hey Hunter - why aren't YOU are there protesting on behalf of Neda - or did you think some blog posting that probably took up a few minutes of your day counts as a "protest". I guess you would not want to exert yourself or anything.

And what have you done for Aboriginal women lately?

And I "attack" Palin because she is stupid. That is not sexist - women can be just as stupid as men. That is equality. You are the sexist one because you think we should treat women like delicate flowers and never a critical word should be said - or at least you seem to think "strong Conservative women" are delicate flowers who should never ever be criticized.

This whole posting of yours sounds pretty angry - are you sure you are not one of those "feminists" you keep complaining about???

Gayle said...

"More from Crazy Iris, "The huge failure of Canadians is not to educate the children properly, and then why should we be surprised when they have mental illnesses or commit dreadful crimes?" she said.""

The irony being that Iris Evans was once the Minister of Childrens' Services, and during her time in that ministry she oversaw the clawback of money in the Edmonton region, resulting in the reduction of appropriate medical care, schooling and housing for the children under her care.

But I guess they don't count.

Southern Quebec said...

Higher education is for the elitists, doncha know.

"...when you screw up and apologise, we get over it and move on."

More on Iris:
A long-time cabinet minister whose portfolios have hitherto been on the soft side of government—municipal affairs, children’s services, health—she has little financial experience. “At first it was quite daunting to think, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to be in finance,’ ” says Evans. “Then you realize, ‘This is just like managing your chequebook.’ ” So in a time of crippling recession, Alberta has a former nurse, piano teacher and “contestor” (as avid sweepstakes contestants are known) steering its financial affairs.

She even sounds like Sawah...

West Coast Teddi said...

Keep up the good work "Huntsy" ... your local trolls are having a hay hay day trying to keep up. They are the true spin-mysters. Faster than a spinning Maytag ... hehehe

wilson said...

Interesting poll at the G&M.

'Do you agree with Alberta Finance Minister Iris Evans that raising children 'properly' means one parent needs to stay at home?'

46% said YES!
That figure reflects the StatsCan report where over 40% of children under 6 are taken care of by a parent,
only 14% are sent to public daycare,
the rest have granny/nanny daycare.

'Feminists and unions are the dinosaurs.'
Couldn't agree more!


Frances said...

According to radio reports out here, the minister got an earful from the female members of his family - three generations worth and a batch of them. His apology made it clear he knew he had erred.

Gayle said...

Hi wilson

If you took a poll in the southern US states 100 years ago, what percentage do you think would agree that black people are less intelligent than white people.

In case you miss the point - believing something does not make it true.

But maybe you think insulting a huge percentage of your voters is smart.

And while we are on that particular topic, if Evans believes two parents are necessary to "properly" raise children, why did she allow childrens services to cut fincancing for housing the children who were in her care? Is it because she thinks poor children do not count?

liberal supporter said...

I think Elniski's advice is good actually, but not if he singles out the girls for his wisdom.

Did Elniski give similar advice to the boys?

liberal supporter said...

I believe that to raise children properly, BOTH parents need to stay at home.

Will anyone claim that one parent staying at home will result in children being raised more properly than two? Does Iris claim one parent at home is better than two at home?

I'm sure you can see where I am going with this, but please just consider the premise. Any argument that "both parents staying at home is impractical", is the same argument that can apply to one parent staying at home. Some families actually can afford to have both parents stay at home. Of course if they got that way by being day traders they may be having the same dilemma of sending one parent out to work, diminishing how properly they are raising the kids.

Anonymous said...

"Let's see, a riding filled with highly educated intelligent people."

I won't even comment on the idiocy of that comment - it's just so obviously lame.

I was once a university student. We students grossly outnumbered the professors - so much for filled with highly educated people. We students were there during the day as were the profs. A very small percentage of the students and profs lived in the vicinity - so much for highly educated riding.

Being in university does not guarantee intelligence. However, Gayle, if you believe that university students are intelligent, then your opinion of Palin being stupid is blown out of the water.

Now, if this riding is, by Gayle's silly speculation, filled with educated and intelligent people and Gayle does not live in this riding, then it would be safe to say that she is not educated or intelligent - works for me.

Gayle, your argument is so out to lunch it is pitiable. Too bad I'm not obsessed with you - otherwise, I'd be gushing over your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hunter - I think Gayle is obsessed with Sarah Palin and you. Feel flattered my dear. You're in good company.

Southern Quebec said...

East of Eden

Are you obsessed with obsession? Getting creepy old guy...just sayin'

kursk said...

Leftists hate stay at home moms.

Leftists will crucify you if you dare take single moms off welfare.

Leftists don't want parents to contribute to the proper upbringing of their children, unless there is state intervention.

Said children, without guidance, fathers or common sense, become criminals, but we can't say that.

Leftists decry the 'man' and his institutions in favour of vox populi and sensitivity training in converted church basements, yet whine here that conservatives hate higher education..

Which is it? Can't have it all ways..

It is quite possible that some leftists are having their thought patters disrupted by all that artery clogging poutine they eat at 'traitor days'..

liberal supporter said...

What are "traitor days", Kursk? I forgot my code book today, and reading and deciphering your comment is harder than trying to follow someone's txtspeak.

Anonymous said...

Kursk, to quote East of Eden, "I won't even comment on the idiocy of your comment - it's just so obviously lame."

So what does anybody think about the price tag of the war? Is it a security issue for taxpayers to know the cost of this endeavor? Who's the boob who left the "secret" on the web? What are the conserves going to do now that it's out of the bag? No takers here at climbing out of the dark into the conservative light? Why's that?

Anonymous said...

"And I "attack" Palin because she is stupid"

Prove it.

Anonymous said...

OK mystery, I'll bite. Military spending can be classified because making public what where you're spending the money can tip off the enemy. ie. will there be more money spent on ground forces or do we concentrate on air strikes? Will these air strike be by way of F-18 fighter/bombers or do we purchase drone aircraft? You don't let the enemy know your game plan, it's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem the left has with Sarah Palin is that she had the audacity NOT to abort her Down's Syndrome child. To the leftist female (those that hate her the most), having an abortion is a badge of honor, a rite of passage for the modern day 'Ms.'

Anonymous said...

Eskimo wanders ever further from the point. And then bites! And then resumes wandering. Sigh... Well,try this one for the point on Lady Sara's stupidity. Or or this one. And perhaps you could provide some proof about your assertion that Leftist women see abortion as a right of passage. That would be fascinating.

I appreciate your nibble on the question of security. Why do you think it 's never been a security issue before now? And why do you think Peter Mackay is distancing himself from whoever made the decision not to disclose the information? And how about the resignation of Information Commissioner Robert Marleau?

Anonymous said...

Hey SQ - it's your friend who keeps bringing it up. She's the one with the fantasy about me being obsessed with her. Ever since I began successfully shooting down her ridiculous comments, she came back with this equally ridiculous personal attack. As Gayle always says - a personal attack is an indication of having nothing of substance to add. And given how much she has been attacking people, I'd say that she's about as devoid of intelligent ideas as Ignatieff.

SQ - you're actually the creepy one with your hatred and vitriol as well as totally inane comments.

Anonymous said...

Re:"SQ - you're actually the creepy one with your hatred and vitriol as well as totally inane comments."

To quote East of Eden in reference to his own comment, "I won't even comment on the idiocy of that comment - it's just so obviously lame."

I've never seen SQ post anything resembling hatred or vitriol. And I I ususally find SQ's commentary to be germane to Huntsy's posts.

Anonymous said...

usually not ususually.

Anonymous said...

nor ususally

Gayle said...

I think East was referring to me, though I was confused by his assertion that he "succesfully shot down my posts", but then I realized he was just deluding himself.

He has a tendency to post comment after comment devoted only to me.

In any event, he will be pleased to know that I do indeed live in the university area of Edmonton and so know first hand how very smart and well educated its inhabitants tend to be. :)

Of course, there are no only university students here - in fact not many at all given the high cost of living around here. It is generally filled with university graduates who have moved on and earn enough money to live here.

Gayle said...

Wow - kursk really went off the deep end there. I hoped he would stop with the baseless smears once I pointed out that the rights of the individual over the collective were enshrined in our constitution by Pierre Trudeau.

Southern Quebec said...

Hey Mysty: About the military tippy top secret budget:
"Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page released his accounting of the true costs of the Afghanistan War , which to nobody's surprise turned out to be somewhat higher than Stephen Harper's guestimate."
Page's first report, released during last fall's election, calculated that the cost of the Afghanistan mission not including military equipment will be about $18.1 billion by 2011.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh SQ, I think the enemy is pretty tipped off by now, wouldn't you say?

Tiny Perfect Blog said...

Seems to me you are the one that's angry. What have you got against Whyte Ave?

Elniski himself said the postings were inappropriate, as did Stelmach and members of the Conservative cabinet. Are you suggesting the AB government is run by rabid, angry feminists?

Southern Quebec said...

"Are you suggesting the AB government is run by rabid, angry feminists?"

Nooooo, it's run by men, living in the past.

liberal supporter said...

Sheesh SQ, I think the enemy is pretty tipped off by now, wouldn't you say?
You mean the Taliban read this blog?

I knew it! I didn't know the T in BT stands for Traitors!

Anonymous said...


Southern Quebec said...

Wait until they realize Dear Leader is over budget, and has no more money to spend.

Where's Gabby? He usually posts the CPC talking points. Right, paid holiday for the staffers...

maryT said...

My son, who used to live in Edmonton always referred to that riding as the granola area of Edmonton.
I am sure all of us, have seen The Look given to a husband that says, smarten up, and of course they would rather have a smile.
Isn't it strange that we are supposed to have Freedom of Choice, but when we choose to say kids do better with stay at home mums, our choice is blasted by the leftists and so called feminists.
Sorry, our choice is not their choice.

Gayle said...

Yes Mary - on top of being well educated and intelligent, people in this riding are also generally pretty healthy (though personally I hate granola).

As for the rest, I doubt many people would deny children may do better with a stay at home parent. What they object to is the assertion that is the "proper" way to raise children. Not every family can afford to do that. Not every parent has extended family who can help out for free. Not every family is adversely affected by having two working parents.

I suggest children do better when they have a home, and access to food, schooling and health care, but apparently that was not sufficient for Ms. Evans to get up and fight for the children in her care when the government decided to cut back the child welfare budget in Edmonton.

And speaking of mental illness in children, I wonder when anyone in our provincial government is going to realize that services for mentally ill children is almost non existent?

Alberta Girl said...

"it's a university riding, need I say more?'

Hey - that's Gayle's riding!!!!

Haven't even read the comments yet but I am SURE she is here somewhere tut-tutting about the neanderthals who run our province and how this has set back women's equality.

PULEEEZE.... now to read the pearls of wisdom that I am positive our left leaning friends have decided to drop off.

hunter said...

You hit the nail of the head Alberta Girl! Lefties are so predictable.

I used to live in that area, back in my university days and until we had our first son. It was a very interesting mix of mainly renters, so every year the dynamics changed. Most of the houses are being torn down and replaced with duplexes, those that aren't, should be, it's a disgrace. The renters don't want to maintain the properties and the owners just want the rental income.

Linda Duncan has done nothing in her riding, except condemn the oil sands. As far as Gayle stating that they are more intelligent because of the university, obviously she has never attended the UofA, or if she did, she took some useless arts course, that did not lead to gainful employment, because she is here all day posting while we are at work.