Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alberta Hangs Up!

Keep your lefty President and your econuts out of our faces! Who do you think you are to demand Alberta, a province in Canada, bow down to your demands?

Clean up Alberta oilsands: U.S. officials

Obama administration committed to boosting clean-energy production

Two of U.S. President Barack Obama's top advisers on energy and climate change said Monday the Alberta oilsands are a key part of the U.S. energy mix. But they warned its development must be cleaned up, because there's "a lot of concern" south of the border about their environmental footprint.

The US is warning Alberta to clean up it's oil sands? Hello coal fired plants, major US polluters.

Have those US idiots even visited the oilsands? It's too bad the politicians are always behind in what the people want. Being a denier is the new cool! The economy in Canada is starting to show signs of life. Watch the markets, oil goes up, so does the TSX, I think I see a correlation here, do you see the correlation?

Can Alberta only sell to the US? Good question to ask the ecogoons that Obama assigned to this file. Will Alberta take this ecogab sitting down?

Ring, ring.... this is Alberta calling China and India. Hello, you want our oilsands oil? Okay. Done. The environmentalists should love that we are helping third world countries advance. They are exempted from the Kyoto Accord, so sending more oil to them should help stop the coal fired projects and save the planet.

Ring, ring... this is the US calling, what happened to the 20% of oil and gas you have been supplying us? Our gas prices are hitting the roof. Alberta hangs up.


Patsplace said...

What a lovely bed time story. Kind of brings a tear to the eye. I just love those happy endings.

Southern Quebec said...

Have you heard of NAFTA? Go read it.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

The Democrats have always viewed Canada as their own.

Cranky or Just A Crank said...

I am not sure of your point Southern Quebec.

I am assuming that you are trying to say that under NAFTA the US can't impose non-tariff barriers (such as dictating environmental footprints - whatever those are) that are not the same for their own domestic energy sources (our host's point regarding US coal) to keep out Canadian energy. On this basis we should be able to tells these top advisers on energy and climate to pound sand.

Or Southern Quebec are you trying to say that under NAFTA Canada must trade with the US and do so in the manner in which they dictate. I guess I missed those sections in NAFTA.

If American companies (or I suppose anyone) want to buy oil sands and ship their products to the US, as they are free to do under NAFTA, they can alos freely comply with whatever rules the US wants to impose on the products in order to make them US compliant before they cross the border. If you own some oil sands and you want to ship it to Asia, why should you care what the Americans want in respect of the oil shipped to them.

So. Quebec, you seem to be forgetting that the US is our neighbour not our nation and shouldn't be able to dictate what doemstic Canadian policies should be.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Have those US idiots even visited the oilsands? It's too bad the politicians are always behind in what the people want. Being a denier is the new cool! The economy in Canada is starting to show signs of life. Watch the markets, oil goes up, so does the TSX, I think I see a correlation here, do you see the correlation? "

You've outdone yourself, Huntsy. Being a denier is the new cool? It would also be cool if you could stand on one leg and rub your tummy while patting the top of your head. Yoga for conserves! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, remember yesterday when Alberta Girl wanted to know what propaganda was? How much are these "adverts" costing Canadians?

Anonymous said...

That is typical of the USA. Look back over the past 50 years and you'll see the US in so many countries, taking and leaving when the resources run out. As for being part of the American energy mix - uh, that is kind of up to us if we actually supply them with oil.

As for pollution - think LA. Yup, no smog there. Given that the US has 10 times our population, that country's footprint is a lot larger than ours.

SQ - as usual, you missed the salient which, in this case, is that the USA has no business butting its nose into our country's business.

Funny how you guys castigated Harper as an "American" and now you side with Obama's buttinskis and you embarce an American who is now leading your party.

You guys are amusing, very amusing.

BTW - I have always opposed NAFTA. It has done nothing for Canada and has, in some cases, been to our detriment. It has also reduced some of our choices, as consumers.

Oh, and SQ, if you think NAFTA is a good thing, than you can thank Mulroney. You are so full of contradictions that it becomes evident that you have nothing to add to any discussion except your brand of provocation. I feel very sorry for you. What a small life you must have.

Anonymous said...

East, I believe the salient point is the one SQ put forth.
There's no getting out of trade with the US under NAFTA - and whether you cool deniers like it or not, there is also an environmental component to the treaty if you read it. Alberta, as a province of Canada is bound by NAFTA. Yeah sure, blame Mulroney.

Alberta Girl said...

"and whether you cool deniers like it or not, there is also an environmental component to the treaty if you read it"

Have you ever been to Ft. McMurray Mysty? Because if you had, or if you even knew anything about the oilsands or Alberta oil in general, you would know that the oil industry is one of the most advanced industries in green technology.

But that wouldn't suit your tirade, now would it, so you will just go on being ignorant and oblivious and spouting your stupid talking points.

Now, what were you saying about "propaganda" again?

So when is Obama going to target the coal fired plants or the smelters in Ontario?

Southern Quebec said...

Thank you Mystereeoso.

"Have those US idiots even visited the oilsands?" They came, they saw, they were disgusted...

E, I do blame Mulroney and his BFF Regan for NAFTA. (I never said I was for it.)

"There's no whore, like an old whore"...Lyin' Brian

Gayle said...

"Have you ever been to Ft. McMurray Mysty? Because if you had, or if you even knew anything about the oilsands or Alberta oil in general, you would know that the oil industry is one of the most advanced industries in green technology."


Anonymous said...

"...if you even knew anything about the oilsands or Alberta oil in general, you would know that the oil industry is one of the most advanced industries in green technology."

If you were such a cool denier, there would be no need for you to make such a claim. Quit while you are ahead.

maryT said...

All those against the oilsands should remember, because of them a lot of food has been put on a lot of tables across Canada. Because of them a lot of experienced workers are home in NFLD to work on Hibernia. Those that complain about how damaging they ar to the environment have never been there. A lot of summer jobs have been for students and others with their tree planting and over reclamation projects.
Breaking news, Iggy caves, will wait till Sept/Oct to grade another report card. Off to England as we knew he wouldn't give that trip up

Anonymous said...

Nice drive by, Gayle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marty,if the oilsands weren't damaging the environment those summer reclamation project jobs would not exist. The sands put food on the table in the short term - then what? Unless, how long do you think the sands can produce oil for? What's left of Fort Mac after it's all squeezed out?

Hey Marty, if both leaders made concessions, how is it that you come up with only Iggy caves? Both PMSH and Iggy said they didn't want a summer election and they held meetings to come to an agreement about it.

Anonymous said...

With an estimated 180 billion barrels of oil reserves, at the current production rate of 3 million barrels per day, we have 164 years worth of oil.

Some reports have even predicted a 400 year supply of oil in Canada.

Hey mysterymeat, I don't think you have the foggiest clue what the definition of reclaimation is with regards to the energy industry. To the limp-wristers such as you, all you see is oily ducks and tailings ponds. Open pits have been filled in, seeded with grass and buffalo now graze on what used to be one of the mine sites of the 1970's. Millions of trees have been planted and technology is being developed to refine and clean the tailings to return fresh water back to the Athabasca River.

But the sissies on the left only want to scream slogans of 'redneck' between choruses of Kumbaya. It's far too easy to politicize 'big oil' as a scapegoat. Good luck with those cute little windmills though.

The oilsands has awarded Alberta and Canada a very lavish generational welfare system through taxation and theft-thanks to Turdeau and the NEP. If it weren't for the scapegoat of Alberta oil I wonder who would be paying the frieght for all of this government largesse. Moonbat lefties would cut off thier noses to spite thier face. They want all oil, gas, coal and nuclear activities halted. With their dillusions of replacing all of this with unproven pie in the sky ideas they don't understand that that sissy little solar panel won't run the combine that harvests the soybeans that are further refined into that cute little tofu patty on thier George Forman grille.

Don't fret mysterymeat, you have another 164 to 400 years to blame Alberta. Interestingly this is also 164 to 400 years that Quebec and the other welfare have-nots will be firmly affixed to the crusty little nozzle attached to the Alberta treasury.

Anonymous said...

I may not have the foggiest clue
Eskimo but I absolutely do not have any "DILLUSIONS".

Alberta Girl said...

Hey Gayle




Of course mysty will call it all "propaganda".

Anonymous said...

What would you call it ABG, independent study?

Ardvark said...

Oil Sands CO2 emissions only slightly higher than other oil sources

Alberta Girl said...

I would call it more independent than some enviro-nazi spouting off things that are blatantly untrue - or John McCallum saying that people are going to DIE this summer if they don't get EI.

Now that's PROPAGANDA, mysty.

Gayle said...

You mean the oilsands and their supporters in the Alberta Government say they are environmentally responsible? Really?

I. Am. Shocked.

And yet surprisingly unconvinced.

In any event, my husband goes to Fort Mac regulary for work, and does not return waxing poetic about how environmentally friendly the tar sands are.

Something about the fresh clean water being thrown down their wells, and tailing ponds, and stuff like that.

Eskimo - still obsessed I see.

Anonymous said...

I am SHOCKED. SHOCKED. Gayle made a statement and did not provide a link to support her fatuous statement. I echo the "nice drive by sentiment". Clearly just somebody who is obsessed with A-Girl.

Anonymous said...

Stereo - yes, NAFTA is a stranglehold on us but Hunter's point, as I saw it, was the USA, in typical fashion, butting its nose into other countries. The USA simmered down a bit after 911 but is back to its old superiority complex mentality. If you're wondering how far the USA is sticking its nose into our business - take a look at the LPC. They have an American as the appointed (not democratically elected) leader. Typical American behaviour.

Gayle said...

Hi East

Still obsessed I see.

What about my disagreement with AG would you like me to confirm - the fact there are ugly nasty tailings ponds, or the fact that fresh water is flushed down the oil wells? Most of this is common knowledge in these here parts, so I need something more than just your usual "oho Gayle is just so, so, awful!".

Or did you want me to link to my husband - since, after all, AG's claim was that anyone who went to Fort Mac would agree with her, and I disputed that by reference to my husband.

maryT said...

Hey, Gayle is married and her husband works in the oilsands. Shouldn't she demand he quit so she doesn't have to have all that dirty money pass thru her hands.
Anyone know if the phone lines are down in Fort Mac, been trying to contact my son re the fire and can't get thru.

Gayle said...

"Gayle is married and her husband works in the oilsands."

Yes, and no.

Believe it or not, there are actually other jobs in Fort Mac.

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with WHAT Gayle? You did a lazy cut and paste followed by a lazy one word response.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine Gayle's husband is either a corrupt union shop steward or employed by some government regulatory/make-work department.

Actually he's probably a crew change bus driver for Diversified. Between his salary and Gayle's strike pay, they seem to be getting by.

On Mr. Gayle's days off, he joins the good missus, mysterymeat, southern queeb and liberal suppository and they all head into the woods to make peace with Mommy Earth:


Anonymous said...

East, I caught Huntsy's point. She doesn't like NAFTA. Nobody here said they did. But we have it, yes we do thanks to that conserve Brian Mulroney.

Now, we have a really really dirty really really lucrative project in the oil sands. Obama and his people, on the basis of the environmental component of NAFTA are asking us to clean it up. Will PMSH have the cajones to stand alongside Obama and tell the oil companies they make too much of our money to be so irresponsible with our environment? Or does he have the kind of cajones he showed last week when he told Canadians it was too expensive to retrofit the MAPLES?

Another point, an aside if you read the link Ardvark kindly provided from the propaganda, um I mean oil consulting and research firm - if I understood it right, they expect our oil exports to climb dramatically and soon from the 20% figure Huntsy thinks we should hang up the phone on...to nearly double at 37%. What is the logic in shipping it to China if you can just put it in your neighbour's backyard. And why shouldn't we all have a nice clean backyard? Who wants a dirty neighbour?

Another thing about Ardvark's linked article - it speaks to GHGs, but does not address any other problem associated with this type of oil extraction.

BTW East, the Iggy American thing is wearing thin.

ABG, propaganda is something you too can learn about!

Eskimo, neither did you provide a single link to support your thesis paper.

Anonymous said...

Common knowledge, mysterymeat, look it up for yourself.

I especially love when the trolls post links to the Puffinstuff Post or the Toronto Star thinking they are credible sources!

I suppose all the Canadian moonbats will be all over Barry O. in seeing he cleans up his side of the 49th. Not bloody likely-there's only trouble with the environment when a conservative is in government.

How many years did the lieberals sit on Kyoto? Oh wait, that's old news, right trolls?

Gayle said...

Eskimo - now you are obsessed with my husband???

This is getting a little weird. Maybe you and East can split the costs of a good therapist.

Anonymous said...

You brought him into the debate, Gayle so don't scream foul now.

Hope you find a job soon and it's a real shame they make the Diversified drivers wear the crossing guard vests.

liberal supporter said...

Good old Eskimo, sneering at others he thinks make less money than himself. But without asserting his own income.

Too bad you're incapable of answering simple questions. I asked how much you make, you never answered.

Then there's the Suzuki machine, the propane refrigerator that Esk thinks has a compressor in it. Never got an answer to where I might find such a mythical machine.

The incredible Eskimo. Yes, "incredible", as in "not credible"


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm pretty clear on what you think of anyone who's not Reform or Albertan or Republican.Enough oil in the tar sands to last 400 years eh... you don't say!

Oh and I have to agree with Liberal supporter. Another example. Eskimo hates that art that was at Banff a couple of years ago but he can't say who made it,or what it looked like. He hates our government funding of the arts by extension, however he has no idea how much this artist was paid for his exhibition, nor by whom.He doesn't even know if the artist was a Canadian.

It's cool to be a denier eh? So smart. So clever and knowledgeable.


Anonymous said...

Oh heycheck it out Huntsy!

hunter said...

Funny she says the east imports 90% of their oil from the blood countries. You easterners should stop supporting blood oil. Stop the imports of blood oil to the east NOW!!

No more blood oil for Canada! Come on you econuts, you should be supporting this. Ontario needs to shut down all coal fired plants NOW! Let wind heat your homes! Quebec, no gas for you, only hydro power will do.

No blood gas for the middle east, no dirty oil from the tar sands. It's wind and solar for Ontario...tell us how that works out for you!