Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are Our Kids Spoiled?

You decide. What if you told your children that they wouldn't get anything for Christmas because the family was going to give that money to a charity? Think they would be okay with that?

How about you give them presents that they don't like? Here is the response you could expect from them, and it isn't pretty.

You can read all the comments here.

This is a perfect example of kids sense of entitlement, started at a very young age, by us, the parents, if we are not careful. Maybe we should step up and teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ and the love of all.

Then you have this example of how wonderfully innocent and delightful children can be:

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! May you feel the love of God in your heart and soul this Christmas. 

We had rain earlier tonight, but it has turned into big, fluffy, snowflakes. It's absolutely beautiful out here tonight.


Kunoichi said...

Ugh. I couldn't watch the first video. I don't see this as kids having a sense of entitlement. I see this as parents being cruel to their children for the sake of a joke.

DavidA said...

I call bullshit. If you fell for that pathetic exercise irl trolling, you're an ignorant tool. Wise up bumpkin.

Southern Quebec said...

I can't imagine that Any parent that would actually tape their kid being a self-absorbed entitlement little sh*t. They deserve the kid they got, because the kid learned it somewhere.

I do a literacy program with my dog. We give away new books to kids. We are frequently asked by the kids, "Do I get to keep it?". when they are told that it is now their book, they are ecstatic. So to the little girl who was pissed that someone would give her a book, "Screw you sweety. There are kids that would love that book."

dmorris said...

Hunter,please,this is the time of year we all like to celebrate with our friends and families, feast, holiday,buy presents and have fun.

Don't ruin it by bringing religion into it.

hunter said...

dmorris, CHRISTmas is not about gifts, it is about the birth of CHRIST. I feel sad for you if you think religion "ruins" CHRISTmas.

Or were you being silly?

dmorris said...


Of course I was being VERY sarcastic. I'm one who is worn out with the politics and merchandising of Christmas.

It used to be so much more fun when I was kid a long time ago.We never questioned anything,just enjoyed the day and the family feast and the church going,etc.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! :-)