Monday, December 19, 2011

A Call To Arms To All Alberta Conservative Bloggers.

Our new unelected Premier is moving faster than Superman in pushing through legislation that she tells us the majority of Albertans want. I don't know what majority she is talking to, but it isn't your everyday Albertan.

Alberta Aardvark clearly shows, how in her own words, she is a few brain cells shy of being a NDP leader.

My point is that we can whine about how bad she is, or we can start posting positive statements about Wildrose. Being in opposition makes it harder for Wildrose to get any media attention, we need to get the power of blogs reved up to start the engine that will see the Alberta PC's replaced by the Wildrose.

One comment on an article I read today asked where Danielle stood on the issue of Chiquita bananas. She had already condemned them on twitter and has issued a statement, but the media didn't cover it.

Statement by Danielle Smith on Chiquita oil sands boycott

CALGARY, AB (December 17, 2011): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith today issued the following statement on the boycott of Chiquita, which agreed to stop using fuel from Alberta’s oil sands to ship its product:
“It’s disappointing to see another company make this decision based on misinformation and rhetoric instead of fact.
“Alberta’s oil sands are the most safe, secure and reliable source of energy in the world, and tremendous progress has been made in reducing emissions and environmental impacts.
“Personally, I will boycott Chiquita products until they reverse their ill-informed decision to avoid fuel from Alberta’s oil sands. I am proud of Alberta’s record of responsible resource development.
“I’m also calling on Premier Alison Redford to join me in denouncing Chiquita’s decision and commit to an aggressive strategy to counter special interests that seek to cripple and shut down Alberta’s oil sands.”

Meanwhile, Red Ali is nowhere to be found on this issue. She is too busy sucking up to the teachers union to hear anything Albertans are concerned about. She is a tax and spend Liberal down to her shiny red shoes. I can not...I will not EVER support her.

 So, my one commitment as a life long Albertan is to work as hard as I can to make sure Albertans hear about Wildrose as an alternative to the PC's. The PC's are in fact progressive/ Liberal, but there is nothing Conservative about them anymore, especially with Red Ali as their leader.

If you know nothing about Wildrose, here is a good place to start;

40 Reasons to Vote Wildrose. Get involved, get informed. The PC's have been in power for 40 years, it really is time for a change Alberta. You can smell it in the air, a brisk, fresh breeze to clear out all the old and smelly cobwebs. It's time Alberta, our motto is "strong and free" let's make sure we live up to that motto. We will not be "strong and free" with a Mommy Dalton ruling Alberta.


wilson said...

New poll.

With the support of 38% of respondents, compared to 23% for the Wildrose

''..Her (Redman)approval numbers, 38%, are greater than her disapproval, 29%, but fully 33% did not have an opinion, which Mr. Bozinoff said was remarkably high so near to a vote....''

(Danielle is polling higher than the party...which is good news! The party will catch up to the leader)

liberal supporter said...

You separatists sound pretty militant. Will Steve put down your rebellion, or will he turn out to be your Manchurian candidate?

Anonymous said...

As a really disinterested observer, why would the Redford even give any credence to what Smith has to say about anything.
The only reason Smith issued the call is because she's trying to steal a bit of Redford's limelight. If I was Redford I'd ignore Smith, because even acknowledging Smith can only benefit Smith.