Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome Home Troops!

Our Canadian troops held the most dangerous region of Afghanistan for years, at a great cost. I am so proud of our troops for their abilities and their integrity. No matter how badly the opposition parties slammed our troops with slimy innuendo about torture, proven wrong, our troops kept doing their jobs.

I congratulate our troops for the very hard job they had and for accomplishing their goals, with class. Good job troops!

They make Canadians proud. Don't mess with Canadians, our troops are the best in the world.  

Two videos that define our troops, and Canada. Oldies, but goodies.
Tom Brokaw explains Canada


Welcome home troops, job well done!


West Coast Teddi said...

The women and children of Afstan thank our troops as well. They are now "free" to pursue their lives with some security to learn and grow and prosper. We Canadians played an important part in their liberty.

dmorris said...

Now,let us keep the Government's feet to the fire in regard to the treatment of our returning veterans,many of whom will suffer both physical and psychological trauma,and will need help.

Let us lobby our Government to make damned sure these soldiers are NOT swept under the rug,or offered a pittance in the form of a one-time payout of barely enough to live on for about five years,then dumped.

Let us THIS time see that our returning veterans get all the help they need,in any form,medical or financial,retraining,etc.

And let us NOT be lulled to sleep on this by the fact that we have a Conservative Government in power.

Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have distinguished themselves in their treatment of veterans after the fighting is over.

Welcome home to our troops.

Rick Thomson said...

And yet it is the first time we have left the field of battle as less than victors. Somehow that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Rick Thomson said...
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Rick Thomson said...
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Rick Thomson said...

My last two post were deleted because of finger trouble, not censorship on the part of the blogger.

hunter said...

Rick, I have to agree with you about the bad taste. I wonder how our troops feel, and did anyone ask them? They are the ones putting their lives on the line, not the MP's.

dmorris is also right about treating our troops properly once they return home. Maybe we should take it out of the pension rich public servants account.