Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 A New Beginning!

I made no new year's resolutions, because I always break them new year's day.

What a year it has been for Conservatives, in all my many years I have never seen such a triumph, such a sweet sweet victory.

We had a neighbourhood drop in today, it was great. I love cooking for a party. I get to put out things like smoked oysters and pickled asparagus, yumm. When "occupy" was mentioned by someone, everyone laughed, end of story, the laughter said it all.

What do we have to be thankful about? Simple. A strong PM with a majority government.

What do I want to see from the federal government this year?

One thing. Abolish the federal HRC.

Happy New Year.


Patsplace said...

You forgot the long gun registry.

Anon said...


However, while I suspect you'll get your way for at least four years, there are kernels of value hidden in both sides of most issues.

Plain derision (of left or right) seems a strange thing to celebrate.

bertie said...

Hey ANON,,After all those years of the corruption from the Liberal left,we have the right to deride the left.It is freedom from corruption that we celebrate.If you are still pining for those days of Liberal sleaze,we feel sorry for you,their gone and they had better not resurface.Come celebrate with us it is not strange,but hanging your vote on the left is.

MONSTER said...

Oh yes the gun registry, lets not forget that. And imigration reform too.

maryT said...

Happy New Year to all who visit here.
Re Anon pinning for the good old days, ever consider that maybe he/she was on the gravy train and now has to work for a living.

Southern Quebec said...

Bertie, what planet are you in? Freedom from corruption? did you miss the million dollar fake lake, or Fat tony's gazebo?

Bwhahahahaha...Conservatives...corruption personified!

GRM said...

Dump all funding to the CBC.

mystereeoso said...

Happy New Year Huntsy. Long may you laugh.

(but probably not for long)HA!