Monday, January 02, 2012

Unelected Alberta Liberal Senator Mitchell Shows His Arrogance!

No Senator bugs me more than Grant Mitchell, a failed provincial Liberal leader, who does nothing to actually represent Alberta's interests in the Senate. Here he is trumpeting his support of Al Gore and fake global warming. He really is a disgrace to Alberta, not like our elected Senator Brown, who is there because Albertan's voted for him.

I missed this post from Just Right because we were traveling for the holidays, but it gives more info on Grant Mitchell, Liberal Alberta Senator, appointed until he is 75, and there is nothing we Albertan's can do to get rid of him, and he knows it. 

Someone should clue this guy into the fact that "ecoweenies" are leading him around like a bull with a ring through his nose. The full video is here. Mitchell is your typical arrogant Liberal, who thinks his opinion is the only one worthy of listening to. What a failure for representing Alberta this guy is, but I guess it's the only way a Liberal from Alberta would ever, ever, get a chance to spout his point of view. If you can't get enough of him, try this video. I tried to watch it, but only got to about the 1 minute point before I gagged.

Thankfully, the Senate now has a Conservative majority, so that a$$hats like Mitchell have no power anymore. I am writing Senator Mitchell to tell him how proud I am of him for biking his way to Ottawa from now on, seeing how concerned he is about the environment. Planes BAD Senator, Bikes GOOD. It looks like he could use the exercise, and that clear, cold Alberta/Sask/Man air, might just clear his foggy mind and rid him of the cob webs that are clogging his thinking.


E Mac said...

Just as a sidebar suggestion; I hope he has a good set of winter tires on his bike.
The Libs peddle a lot of stuff beside bikes.

Martin said...

One would hope Mitchell could name some of the "thousands and thousands" of independent scientists supporting the theory of AGW. Would these include Al Gore, Dalton McGuinty, Stephen Dion, David Suzuki? If the science is so settled, why did the IPCC pannel go to such elaborate length to discredit anyone with a differing view, and to manipulate avaiable data? If the results were so certain, none of the actions documented by McKitrick would be necessary.

Ardvark said...

I believe he is running for LPC President so if he wins we would be rid of him. =)

I have zero respect for the man after he accepted his Senate appointment from PMPM knowing that Albertans had democratically chosen others for the job ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

Having heard him speak a couple of times and watching his performance at the Senate hearings, I have zero respect for him anyway. A waste of skin.