Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Ali Selling Out Alberta?

Did she hug BonHomme while she was there selling out Alberta? What does Quebec have to offer Alberta? Nothing. What can Quebec get from Alberta, besides over 8 BILLION a YEAR? The article gives us a hint....

Quebec and Alberta disagree on climate change as well Ottawa’s recent decision to turn its back on the greenhouse-gas emission targets set in the Kyoto accord. Mr. Charest, who has been a strong defender of Kyoto, remains supportive of the development of the Alberta oil sands despite its impact on climate change. Instead, Mr. Charest has focused on Alberta’s efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

“Quebec has in this area private and public resources and it is one area where we can co-operate [with Alberta] to develop new technologies and improve our environmental record,” Mr. Charest said.

Translation: Quebec can get carbon credits from Alberta.

Our premier is selling Alberta out. She is not a supporter of our oil sands, she is intent on creating a name for herself. She is a LIBERAL, get that through your heads Albertans.

What did she promise Quebec for their support? They don't even buy our oil! Let me speculate on how it went.

RED Ali: We will give you BILLIONS of dollars in carbon credits for your doing nothing, because the greens love your hydro power, and you can make Alberta look good.

Charest: Okay. Just don't let Newfoundland and Labrador into our arrangement, we still have years of gouging them left.

Did Red Ali promise Ontario's McGinny the same thing? They are very, very careful not to say "carbon credits, or carbon tax" but is that what The Red is promising? Something got Quebec on side, that is the only thing that makes sense.

My question is why is she going around the country and promoting a "national" energy program? Our resources are ours, not Quebec's or Ontario's. I see no up side for Alberta. I see no reason for her to be promoting this NEP2. I see no reason for voting for this Joe Clark clone. Wake up Alberta, before we turn into the next have not province. Vote Wildrose!


fernstalbert said...

Who and why is Red Alison courting, Ontario and Quebec? These two "have not provinces" should be wooing and chasing Alberta. Since when did the impoverished set the agenda? Give your head a shake Premier - they are yesterday's news. Cap in hand will become cap 'n trade. Cheers.

wilson said...

repost from BLY
in answer to my comment about Albertan property rights taken for Carbon Capture and Storage, and billions for new transmission lines from North to Calgary.
Easy to see the connection now eh

jt says:
January 11, 2012 at 4:24 pm
Wilson, who owns Alberta’s power transmission lines – currently? SNC Lavalin, headquartered in Quebec.
When ATCO sold off their transmission lines several years ago, SNC Lavalin, MacQuarrie (an Australian hedge fund) and one other US-sourced power supply outfit formed a limited partnership to buy it all up, aided financially by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.

Since then, SNC bought out the other two and now owns Alberta’s current transmission system. So, who do you think is going to build those “new” power lines to supply the US market, while you pay for it all with higher power rates, now that the Alberta government has removed any and all decisions on your property through Bills 50, 36 and 19?