Thursday, January 05, 2012

Breaking: CTV To Suffer Layoffs!

Staff at CTV are in fear of the potential layoffs their own journalists are predicting. Their own journalists are stating that Canada's economy is due for a huge downturn, and that can only mean layoffs for a huge number of employees.

CTV's own staff, in this article are clearly worried that the people are soon to revolt. 

Canadians are growing increasingly pessimistic about the state of the economy and believe the country is experiencing a mild recession, according to the results of an Economic Club of Canada survey.
A mere 25 per cent of poll respondents said they feel optimistic about the economy's potential in 2012. That's down from 36 per cent who were optimistic a year earlier, and a steep drop from the 54 per cent who were optimistic about the economy in 2009.
The results suggest the growing pessimism stems from the lack of a quick recovery from the 2008 through 2009 recession.
"If last year I reported that Canadians were cautious and retrenching, then this year I have to state that they are now seriously concerned and worried," Michael Marzolini, chairman of Pollara Strategic Insights, which conducted the survey on behalf of the Economic Club, said in a speech Thursday.
About 70 per cent of respondents said they believe Canada is experiencing a mild recession, even if it isn't technically in one. Poll results above were collected online from 2,878 Canadians by the Pollara research firm.
"The economy is growing, but not really fast enough to bring the unemployment rate down and not really fast enough to make Canadians feel better about their personal circumstances," said Avery Shenfield, senior economist at CIBC World Markets.
CTV failed to report that thousands of workers are needed in Alberta and Saskatchewan because CTV journalists have never actually left the Toronto studio.

The unions are girdling for the tightening of the belts, and the pinching of their wages due to no advertising dollars and a diminishing amount of viewers at CTV. Meanwhile Sun News viewers are increasing.

Union leader, Ida Wumen, loudly yelled that they "will strike if necessary, because every union worker should earn as much as the CEO's at CTV, no matter that they have done nothing to earn it". "Equality must be made to mean something". Jealousy and envy have nothing to do with the union's position, she further stated, they just feel that it is their right to earn as much as doctors and lawyers even though they only have high school diplomas. 

CTV executive, Max A. Million, has reprimanded CTV's journalists. "Writing articles to create fear in the populace is not a good thing, but it does generate revenues, so keep it up". 

How many jobs could be lost will depend on the level of hysteria not the actual economic performance of CTV, because no-one understands profits and loss at CTV or has the ability to actually report the news instead of inciting riots with opinion pieces presented as news.

CBC will not suffer any layoffs even though their viewer numbers are way lower than any other station because they get 1.2 BILLION A YEAR from taxpayers, so they don't really give a s^&t whether we watch them or not.

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MONSTER said...

Yes I`m in a down mood over the economy. I`m down over only getting five days off over Christmas and having to work New years Eve and New years day cause even with a big influx of workers from across Canada (funny thing, not a one that I can think of from Quebec) up in Ft.Mac jobs are going unfilled.