Sunday, January 08, 2012

Alberta Needs To Wake Up!

I know we are going to have an election in the spring, but we need to get moving now if we want change. Most Albertans are not thinking election right now, let's start getting our message out so they are well informed by election day.

I have already decided that I will not be voting PC, even though I have for my whole voting life. They are stuffy, old, and arrogant. Their new leader, Ali the Red, is taking us so far to the left, without a mandate from us, that it makes me really uneasy. She is taking this province in the wrong direction and we can do nothing about it until the election.

The one thing we can do, as Alberta Conservative bloggers, is to keep all her miscues and bad policies in the lime light. We can also highlight and promote the Wildrose Party. Do not assume that the Conservatives who read our blogs are informed about how bad the PC's have become. Tell your readers and your family and your office mates.

Let's start the campaign now, so by the time an election comes, we are on the ground running.

For my first wake up call, I want you to watch this video of Danielle Smith at a leader's dinner (H/T to Wilson). She is articulate, likable, and wants to take Alberta into the future.

I will be promoting the Wildrose Party from now on, and no, I do not have a membership in the party. I have never gone to any of their functions, and I have never gone to any PC functions either. This is one Albertan's opinion, but I hope that Alberta wakes up from it's 40 year sleep!


Calgary Junkie said...

As I wrote elsewhere, I'm seeing more criticism of Redford in the media, most importantly in the Calgary Herald editorials. The best kind of narrative that could emerge around Redford would be a mocking one, where people are laughing at her ineptness.

Right now, that seems like a stretch, but the Herald did a good job of poking fun at her over her defense of the Chiquitta Bananas "worldly" point of view. And Rob Breakenridge of CHQR skewered her over the high speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton (we don't have nearly the population to make it viable).

From what I've seen, this woman does not come across as competent. For example, she unilaterally changed the name of "Alberta Environment" to "Alberta Environment and Water". That totally absurd move speaks volumes to me about this woman's "thinking".

She has mused about changing Stelmach's ridiculous motto of "Alberta -- Freedom To Create... Spirit To Achieve." to something else. But NOT back to the good old "Alberta Advantage" ! Meanwhile Danielle is taling about "bringing back the Alberta Advantage", which would be a great Campaign slogan, IMHO.

THAT is the kind of straight forward rhetoric a conservative like me wants to hear. Not all this new age, progressive, gobbeldygook that the PCs keep spouting.

wilson said...

Excellent post hunter!
Thanks for putting up the link

I would urge Albertans to take out a $10 membership, order your sign early, and stay connected.

If you don't show interest, Wildrose has no idea where to effectively campaign.

Jeff said...

Two more suggestions:
1. Meet your local candidate. You'll be surprised at the quality of people Wildrose has nominated.
2. They would all benefit hugely from a $200 donation ($150 comes back at tax return time).

Charlie98 said...

As long as Smith believes solar panels, wind turbines and geo-thermal generators are the wave of the future,I won't vote for them so our votes will cancel each other out.

maryT said...

I have already ordered two signs, as we are on a corner lot.
Red Ali was so quick to keep her promise to restore funding for the teachers, when will she come thru on her promise to raise aish by 400.00 per month. Those people need it more than the teachers did. Could they live on 1188.00/month,

wilson said...

the first commercial windfarm was built in Alberta in 1993.
The LAST province to add a windfarm to the grid was tree hugging BC...

IF solar etc is the way of the future, it will happen 'successfully' in Alberta,
without picking winners thru subsidies, with Ms Smith as Premier.