Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Are ALL Taxed Out!

First up, underage smokers! Shock! Retailers sell smokes to underage kids. What will happen if marijuana is legalized? Will under aged kids be able to get it, like they get booze? Funny thing about pot versus smokes, is that if anyone near you smokes pot, you get high, whether you want to or not. What about the people that have severe reactions to even the smell of pot? If peanuts can be banned from schools, than pot should be banned, not only from schools, but from anywhere the pubic gathers. No pot bars allowed, if smokers can't light up indoors, or have smoking bars, neither can the potheads.

Second, a hidden article: Provinces REJECT federal governments health care funding.
Canadian premiers have unanimously rejected Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's take-it-or-leave-it plans for health transfer payments to the provinces, B.C. Premier Christy Clark said Monday.
She said they all agreed the plan – made without negotiating with the provinces -- is both "unprecedented and unacceptable."
Oh, my God, how stupid are the Premiers? Seriously? They have been whining for years that the federal government has been intruding on health care, and now that they have been given FREE reign, they are unhappy? Are they really that stupid?  My bet is that Clark and Redford are too stupid/inexperienced to realize that Dalton and Charest are using them.

I hope that Jim Flaherty sticks to his budget and makes the provinces pay for their own health care, after all, it is their responsibility! Suck it up buttercups, you now have 6% more money for health care, use it wisely, and stop making the federal government the bad guy, when your deficits and debt combined are higher than the federal governments.

Red Ali agreed to NOT support a 6% increase in health care money even though the new per capita formula meant that Albertans would get way more money from the feds. She obviously doesn't care about Alberta. She sold Albertans out for her own political aspirations. She only cares about her image as a Progressive Liberal lite latte sipping elite. In the final analysis, she's not very bright is she?

My impression of the Premiers meeting is that they tried to unite to become the "fake" federal government. They now think that since they have been given MORE power by the federal government that they will now rule this nation if they can only combine their provinces.

I hope that the provinces reduce the ridiculous trade barriers from province to province, so they can increase trade. I wish that provinces would take responsibility for education, health care, the environment and all the other responsibilities mandated to them in the constitution. Stop relying on the federal government for all your goodies. Stop your whining and be glad that the feds are giving you room to innovate. Stop running home to Momma!

Remember there is only ONE taxpayer, on the municipal, provincial and federal level. One taxpayer, three levels of government taxing us all. We are all taxed out.


Polardiscoball said...

Nobody is talking aboot public smoking of the demonic potential psychotic episode causing feminizing weed, don't get your panties in a bunch. Can you walk down the street with beer?

(Well interestingly enough you can in Singapore the Cons wet dream of a society where prostitution is also legal and the women are protected in brothels with big ass bouncers but I digress.)

When I was in high school in Dundas Ontario it was faaaar easier to score a bag of weed than it was to procure a twofour. Regulation is coming and yes it will be from our friends to the south first (of course). I for one will applaud that day as we will stop cutting weekly cheques to gangs when the price of an ounce of the killer jazz loving male breast growing shrub drops to $20 (including the beloved school building tax)
We are witnessing the death throes of prohibition while its advocates make a desperate and frantic last stand, their final frenzy.
In years to come, the attitudes that now prevail towards people that choose cannabis will be as politically incorrect as racism, homophobia or denying women the vote.

maryT said...

Re getting high from second hand mj smoke. Didn't an olympic guy say he was in a room full of smokers and that is why he tested positive, and allowed to keep his medal. Those who believed him did it with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

Southern Quebec said...

How many people died last year from legalized smoking -- 50,000? How many from second hand smoke -- another 5,000?

How many from pot smoking -0!

It is cigarette smoking that should be criminalized. They are constantly leaving their butts on the sidewalk for other people to pick up. ( these people also stink, but that's another issue altogether). How about parents that drive around in a car smoking with their kids in the back seat?

Stop watching Reefer Madness and just legalize pot. New tax base.

Polardiscoball said...

Read it here in your own quebecor rag the sun...

Hallelujah! Canadians agree it's time to legalize marijuana.


oxygentax said...


Could this be the first time ever that all of the provincial premiers have rejected money from Ottawa?

That's great though - Mr. Flaherty can use that 6% a year compounded to resolve the federal deficit earlier and start working on paying off the federal debt. That's $1 billion less that the Feds transfer to the provinces in year one, and increases by $1 Billion per year for 10 years. That ends up being about $10 Billion less in transfers in year 10. Thanks provincial premiers for refusing that extra funding.

liberal supporter said...

You correctly note that legalized pot will still get to people it should not get to (minors), so you would keep it illegal (even though it still gets to people it shouldn't). You are correct that there will still be fewer kids getting dope when it stays completely illegal.

But we can't ban handguns, that would infringe on some gun nut's rights, even though you can defend your family just fine with a rifle or shotgun. Especially against some thug with a handgun since your rifle can drop him from a lot further than he can likely hit you.

Why would you support banning dope because some kid might get stoned and forget to turn off the tv, but you don't want to ban handguns when every day some kid gets killed?