Thursday, January 26, 2012

Say It Isn't So!

Could our PC government in Alberta be corrupt? Surely not, they have only been in power for 4 decades. Alberta Ardvark has been mentioning this stuff, but who is he, just a blogger. Just a blogger who got a national paper, the National Post to write about's that for blogger power? WTG Ard!

A scandal over improper political donations in Alberta has been brewing for months, and new details dug up by the opposition Wildrose Party are further evidence of a systemic problem. It is alleged that the governing Progressive Conservative party has been accepting donations, largely through fund-raising events, from government entities. And while most of the donations are relatively small, too many have come to light to be ignored.

What is Red Ali doing about the improper political donations? Nothing. I guess she figures if you just ignore it, it will go away. It won't. Wildrose won't let it go away if they are smart. 


Calgary Junkie said...

This fund-raising scandal is reminiscent of the LPCs sponsorship scandal. Unfortunately, if you look back to the polls in late 2005, the Libs were still ahead by up to 10 points.

It was Harper's well-planned, and tightly executed campaign that made most of the difference in defeating Martin (plus, in fairness, the revelations that the RCMP was investigating Goodale over budget leaks, that caused a dramatic turn-around in the polls).

Anyway, my point is that the Wildrose needs a lot more than this scandal to win (holding the PCs to a minority would be a win in my mind). Danielle has to show voters, with a well-run campaign, that she (and her team) are competent to run the affairs of the province. I have every confidence that she is up to the task, especially now with the very experienced and savvy Tom Flanagan running her campaign.

As we saw in Ontario, voters won't easily toss out, even an incompetent, corrupt, lying government.

Calgary Junkie said...

I just want to follow up on one of my posts from yesterday ... Rutherford got Redford to state: "That would be a no" (to a public sector wage freeze).

Meanwhile, from yesterday's Calgary Herald:

"Finance Minister Ron Leipert said he could not comment on details of the budget when asked if there was a wage mandate for public sector workers, or if a spending freeze was in the works"

Redford should have said basically the same thing as Leipert. The fact that she slipped up--essentially pre-empting her Finance Ministers budget announcement--shows, among other things, that she is in above her head, both as a leader and a politician.

She is looking more and more like Kim Campbell to me. She's got the progressive prattle down pat, but that's about it. Competence and trust are what matter the most in a leader.

Southern Quebec said...

Conservatives corrupt? I am shocked! Shocked! Bwahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Actually SQ, they gave up being "conservative" long ago. It's the "progressive" wing that's taken over, hence the corruption, for it is the mandate of the leftist to spend other peoples money with reckless abandon.

Think the former federal liberal party, ala Jean Chretien and his merry band of theives.

I would have said drunken sailors, but why tarnish a whole group (sailors) with the same brush?