Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Caledonia, What A Giant.....F.. Mess Up!

Could the OPP look any worse? Does pandering to the natives make Dalton look stronger? This whole issue is one giant .....f..mess up.

The OPP are busy arresting old white guys who are dying of cancer because Dalton is too scared to stand up to a few natives?

Caledonia, Ont. — The fight for justice in Caledonia has cost him at least $40,000 and an incalculable toll on his health but even now, at 76 and with the cancer in his bones, Merlyn Kinrade is unrepentant and without regret.
The OPP think arresting a war veteran, makes them look strong? Meanwhile a native beats a white man nearly to death and only gets 2 years because he is native, and the Liberals put in a law that makes it imperative that judges treat native easier than anyone else? This is justice? NO. It is a giant....f..mess up.  

Several of Mr. Gualtieri’s bones had been broken, including some in his face and head. He sustained permanent brain damage and still has trouble reading, speaking and walking.
For this vicious attack — which Ontario Superior Court Judge Alan Whitten described as “just a notch below culpable homicide” — Smoke was given a sentence of less than two years (not quite three years with time served).
This special treatment isn’t unusual for aboriginal offenders. But the federal government shouldn’t let it stand, either. The federal Justice department must appeal Smoke’s sentence all the way to the Supreme Court in the hope that the current court will reverse, at least partially, the lunacy and inequity foisted on the country by its 1999 predecessor.
The Conservative government needs to change this law, in Parliament, where laws are made, and not rely on our Supreme Court to rule on this. Change the law so that activist judges can not invoke the Charter, which gives them too much power in their rulings. It seems that anytime the judges want to make a statement or overturn a previous ruling they claim that Charter rights are being trampled on. I think it's time for the Charter to get a brush cut. It's been growing it's power for too long, and is no longer about our rights OR our freedoms, it never was.

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