Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bring In The Clowns!!!

It really is a shame when you don't trust your own Premier-elect. When I heard of her visit to Quebec to meet Liberal Charest, my first thought was, what is she up to? Seems I'm not the only one who doesn't trust her, read the comments, not very good for Red Ali.

As Premier Alison Redford travels to meet with Quebec Premier Jean Charest Wednesday, her timing has opponents and pundits alike second-guessing what she’s up to.

The visit takes place as hearings on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline fire up in Kitimat, B.C. - and days before the Jan. 16 kick-off of the Council of the Federation in Victoria, where 13 provincial and territorial chiefs will meet on a two-day agenda topped by health care.
“I’m sure Canadian Energy Strategy will come up, among other things ... it’s an opportunity to talk about common issues and possible common concerns,” said Kim Misik, Redford’s media relations manager.
This is what scares me, "Canadian Energy Strategy", and she's going to Quebec of all places to pitch it? Are we looking at a NEP2?  Quebec is happy to take our money (over 8 BILLION a year) and they still bash us internationally on our oil sands. Our Premier should be making Charest come to Alberta to see the oil sands that he likes to bash so much, even though they are the engine of Canada. What is his province producing? Asbestos!!

She is a very weak supporter of the oil sands. I guess when all your votes come from the leftist teacher's unions, you can't afford to support an industry that puts money in all of Canada's pockets.

Bring in the Clowns! Charest and Red Ali, a match made in heaven!

Side note: I asked my son to quickly help me make Red Ali a clown (it was getting close to bedtime), and he asked me who she was....and he is old enough to vote now! Is that how disengaged young voters are today? Even with a political Mom? Yikes!


Alex said...

She loves Christy Clark, went to visit Dalton McGuinty, now meeting Charest. See the pattern? Liberals have made a home in the PC party and now control the province.

Its time you got your WR membership.

Calgary Junkie said...

Back in November, Kevin Libin wrote this very informative article about Redford's hiring of many Joe Clark era PCs ... Joe Clark Revival

Keep in mind that she considers Charest a mentor of hers. Given how Charest slammed Canada at the Copenhagen climate change talks, he and Alison and Chiquitta Bananas are all birds of a feather.

This woman is so totally wrong for Alberta, it's making me very nervous. She can't be trusted, she's incompetent and she is living in some kind of political fantasyland (probably informed by her time working for the U.N.).

She totally misunderstands the proper role of the leader of a province with a huge competitive advantage in oil production. We don't NEED any advice OR co-operation from a back-stabbing political animal like Charest.

hunter said...

Alex, I am going to get my membership soon....I love door knocking!

Calgary Junkie, thanks for that link, I didn't know those facts about her, so maybe I shouldn't be too harsh on my son!