Sunday, January 08, 2012

Red Ali's Alberta NEP...Even The PM Doesn't Understand It!

Well the PM isn't the only one who is confused, so is every Albertan.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday he isn’t quite sure what Premier Alison Redford’s call for a “Canadian Energy Strategy” means.
Calling it a “national energy strategy” in response to a question on a Calgary radio talk show, Harper said he wants further information about the idea, which is also backed by the governments of Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
“The honest truth is I don’t know what precisely what it means. I’m looking forward to having some discussions with some provinces to find out what they have in mind in terms of that,” he said in an interview on QR77 radio station.
What is Red Ali hoping to accomplish? Premier Elect of the Year? Most Liberal Premier in Canada? Most Aggressive Female Premier? Shortest Reign for a Premier Ever?

Funny how she has been quiet on all the American money pouring into the coffers of our supposedly "non-political" environmental groups. How she supported Chiquita instead of the oil sands. Shame Ali, shame. Are you really an Albertan because I am starting to have my doubts.

She is so obsessed with appearing strong and confident that she makes herself weak. Stelmach might have been over his head, but she thinks she is so smart that we won't notice she won by all the lefties (teachers and unions) voting for her. My advise to her?.......

 Call an election and we shall see what happens. She is aggressive, opinionated, and pushy, not a good combination. She either wasn't in Alberta when the NEP was implemented, or she agreed with it and wants it back, there is no other explanation for her behaviour.

Red Ali has to go.


Russ said...

Further proof why Alberta should succeed from Confederation and become a republic. It’s our oil so “hands off eastern Canada”!

Redford will be unemployed after the next election so maybe she can move to eastern Canada and spread her propaganda there and leave us alone.

Alberta has spent too many years building the foundation of Canada’s economy supporting the welfare state of the east.

Southern Quebec said...
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Southern Quebec said...

Maybe Alberta will be successful at seceding Ross. Nothing secedes like success.

wilson said...

The Red Team is having a sit down with Oilsands bashing Charest on Wednesday.
Wonder what the big give away to Quebec is, what she will roll over on. You don't deal with Quebec, you give they take.

Redford wants McGuinty's failed green energy programs to be part of this national energy strategy... seriously.
Is she offering to pick of the tab?

Oh, and how can one province force another province to keep their promises?

It's pure crap. Redford has to go.

wilson said...

Redford is naive to think she can partner up with Ontario and Quebec.

The West is paying Charest and McGuinty to 'not' exploit their own non-renewable resources, why work when you can cash a big cheque for doing nothing?

maryT said...

Do all our conservative mlas really support her in her rush to the liberals. Have we been conned all these years. How many will not run again or be defeated for. And the big question is, will all those teachers vote for her next time around.

Joe said...

If ever there was a 'Stockwell Day' caucus revolt here in Alberta now is the time. Failing that time to get out the vote - for the WRA!

wilson said...

Danielle Smith, at her leader's dinner speech, spoke of a Western Energy Strategy, and some butt kicking over equalization.

Worth watching video of speech!
( video at bottom of page)

liberal supporter said...

And not a word against the Separatist Traitor who started off this thread.

Where are the calls for this treasonous traitor to be rounded up and tossed in prison?

maryT said...

When defeated in the coming election perhaps she could throw her hat in the ring for leader of the federal liberal party.