Sunday, January 15, 2012

Liberal Anne McLellan LOVES Red Ali!

If you have doubted what I have been saying about Red Ali being a Liberal, this video will prove conclusively that I am right. Pay attention to how much ex-Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan loves Red Ali. Ever since I watched this video I have been thinking about what she said, and it only confirms that Red Ali was elected by Liberals. (Thank you Stephen for this great video!)

Her last comment about being happy that Red Ali is a female? Well Danielle Smith is a female too! I guess a Liberal female trumps a Conservative female in her eyes. Will she say the same thing if Danielle is elected?

What strikes me as interesting is that Red Ali has been making provincial friends with all the Liberals. Problem is that Dalton, Charest, and Clark are all stuck on stupid, and it appears that Red Ali wants to join their parade. She is obviously only listening to Liberals like Landslide Anne McLellan, a loser:

Conservative defeats Anne McLellan on 2nd try

Updated Tue. Jan. 24 2006 12:35 AM ET
Canadian Press
EDMONTON -- The land finally slid under Landslide Annie.
After toughing out three narrow campaign victories since first coming to power in 1993, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan lost Monday night to her Conservative opponent in Edmonton Centre, Laurie Hawn.
Anne never understood Alberta, she still doesn't. In the clip she stated that only about 25% of Albertans would support Wildrose, and the polls back her up. Boy does she live in la la land. Most importantly, she didn't even support her own Liberal party, all she could do was praise Red Ali. Your slip is showing Anne!

If that clip doesn't convince you that Alison Redford is a Liberal plant, nothing ever will. Which makes it all the more important to get out and support the Wildrose party.

You have to know that the Liberals are going to vote for her, she gave the teachers 100 MILLION dollars, and the the NDP voters are going to like her support of the teachers union, so she will get their votes too.

The Liberal/NDP supporters got her into power, it is up to us Conservatives to get her out of power. Make no mistake, she is Alberta's Dalton McGuinty. She will take a have province and make it a have not province because of her leftist leanings.

She has done nothing to support our oil sands! Nothing. She has been too busy visiting other provinces to get them to agree to another National Energy Program, that will destroy our economy. She has to go, she is dangerous to our economy and our livelihoods. 

Join Wildrose, start the engine that will drive them to power. We have to, it is imperative that we do so, because Red Ali will destroy everything we have worked so hard to build. If we do not rid ourselves of this Liberal Premier, we will be worse off than the US under Obama.

Seriously, Red Ali has to go, she is not a Conservative, and she is not supportive of the engine of Canada, the oil sands. Boot her, and all of her supposedly Conservative cronies.


wilson said...

So are the Libs and Dippers gonna fold up tent and join the Red Team to stop Danielle Smith?
Gee, there's something very familar about that, eh...

Funny, the Wildrose polling numbers are better than the Federal Liberals, and Landslide Annie discounts Wildrose as being on 'the other side' ....

Alex said...

Liberals are backing the progressives. Surprise surprise.

Calgary Junkie said...

The more I listen to Danielle, the more confident I am that she will do well in the election. I consider holding the PCs to a minority a major victory.

Like I've said, Danielle reminds me of Harper, circa 2002 to 2005. I remember how depressing it was, with the Canadian Alliance polling as low as 6 %, Rod Love predicting on Rutherford's show that Paul Martin would win 220 seats ! Then we elected Harper as CA leader, and he pooh poohs all this doom and gloom talk, and oozes confidence that he can take down this "juggernaut". I thought, wow this guy is on a mission, and sounds very competitive. Just what we need, against the big red machine.

So, I guess my point is, people like Danielle and Harper, understand and play the political game, at a level that us junkies can only dream of. All the stuff that I guy like me sees as almost unstoppable (my #1 fear is that lefties abandon the Dippers and Libs, to coalesce around Redford), is somehting that Danielle would be ready for. We have some history on that--Nenshi winning mayor, and Joe Clark winning Calgary Centre in 2000.

Anyway, I'm going to be donating more to Wildrose--Danielle has shown in spades, that she deserves support from a guy like me. It's the Harper leadership dynamic played out at the provincial level.

wilson said...

There is an Alberta committee that hands out $250,000 to each party to run their offices/what ever.

NDP has 2 seats, gets $250K

Wildrose has 4 seats and gets zip.
That committee has refused Wildrose the funding (3X) because Danielle doesn't have a seat, she was elected leader after the last election, didn't run.

Donations are very very important, both to the party and the ridings.

cantuc said...

Taylor took a few for the team over the last few days . That one was the hardest to listen to , or watch , out of allof them . Bloody well proved what just about everybody in Alberta knows though . PC = Liberal