Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Off To See The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Quebec!

While the Keystone and Gateway pipelines are being discussed, what is Red Ali doing? Well she is off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Quebec! 

What she is up to, no-one knows and I fear that we will not know until it is too late for Alberta. She is moving at lightning speed to enforce her rule, and she is cuddling up to all the Liberal Premiers, especially Ontario and Quebec.

She should more interested in the Gateway hearings than what Charest eats for lunch, but she isn't. She is so neutral on our energy, she might even disappear down the rabbit hole, lost in indecision. Ali in Wonderland! HA!!!

Eat Me! Oops.....well it was in the book!

What is she doing to Alberta? This is a must read article for anyone who will be voting in the next Alberta election. It is eye opening. H/T to Calgary Junkie!

Albertans who have been scratching their heads wondering what's behind the bizarre hiring binge their new premier has been on lately might not like the answer.
Alison Redford has been making some very curious choices in appointing some of her senior staff, but they all have one thing in common: They are her former comrades-in-arms when she was fighting to keep the Joe Clark strain of Progressivism alive in federal Conservatism during the Nineties, even as nearly everyone else in the province ran running, screaming from the PCs into the arms of Reform.
 What were the PC's thinking by electing Red Ali? She is even worse than Stelmach, at least he cared about Alberta.  If they were smart, HA!, they would be defecting to the Wildrose party, en mass. I hope that doesn't happen because this next election I want to sweep out the old, smelly, boys club, and replace it with new, invigorated MLA's that actually are Conservative and care about Albertans. That would be the Wildrose party.


fernstalbert said...

Such an embarassment our Red Alison - why is she trolling for the approval of eastern premiers - they owe Alberta, not the other way around. That spring election can't come soon enough. Time to turf these wannabe Liberals disguised as Alberta conservatives. Maybe she is just getting her credit card travel points before she is shown the door. Sassafrass!!!

maryT said...

Love the title of this post. I am dreaming of what Ralph would do in this situation, he would not be going to Que. How much more damage can Red Ali do in 3-4 month, only the shadow knows.
I am so upset with all our elected so called conservative mlas, allowing all this to take place.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's becoming more and more obvious that this woman can't be trusted. She seems to hold some grandiose ideas about Alberta leading the country (or even the world, who knows) ... leading in what exactly, she won't articulate. Thus we are treated to her vacuous gobbledygook about a "National Energy Strategy".

So this vague, over-reaching ambition of hers, is one reason why, I think, she is off pow-wowing with like-minded premiers. Unfortunately for Albertans, these premiers are broke flim-flam artists, with a cupboard full of their own snake oil. I expect them to be sizing up this greenhorn from Alberta, to see how much more money they can get transferred from her captive taxpayers.

Blame Crash said...

Why she’s off to show Charest “her” New NEP scheme.
Yes, she’s wants to offer up Alberta’s economic throat to Quebec by giving them a say in our affairs. She’ll claim that we also get to have a say in their affairs too, but unfortunately they’re bigger then us so we get to lose the vote every time.
Never mind that a new NEP is not her job, nor her concern. It would appear that this phony Conservative is going to do to Alberta what Joey Smallwood did to Newfoundland when he cut a deal which gave 65 years of pure profits from the Churchill Falls Project to the Quebec shysters.
What this woman is doing is freaking unfathomable and will lead this province to ruination.

wilson said...

In 2009 and 2010, the PCs took away landowners property rights.

Cabinet gave themselves the right to use private land, without permission or right to appeal, to enter and use private land for whatever purpose and when ever 'Cabinet' wants.

So Red Ali is off to socalist Quebec, with vast tracks of Alberta land wide open for barter in an NEP

wilson said...

Oh, and not only did the Alberta PC Cabinet give themselves the right to enter, freeze and control the use of private lands,
you have NO right to appeal
nor get compensated for losses, but the PCs may toss you a few pennies, if they want to.

Anonymous said...

What Alberta needs is less progressive and more conservative.
Education wasn't even a blip on the radar and Redford's first item of business as our (unelected) leader is to give away the store to the ATA??? Give me a break.

The PC's are a luckluster party of yesterday and Redford may prove to be the modern day Harry Strom and Danielle Smith in the role of Peter Louheed. Even when Ralph was king the party was beginning its death throes.

It's 1971 all over again! least I hope so!

MONSTER said...

Ali in Wonderland. Love it. Come on Hunter join us in the only hope Alberta has. Get that Wildrose membership card. We`d love to have ya.