Thursday, January 12, 2012

Build The Dang Pipelines!

Seriously, build them. Japan just agreed to stop importing oil from Iran, if we had a pipeline to BC built, they could buy the oil from us. We would be their most economical route.

If the Keystone pipeline to the US was built, oil prices would not rise as much as they are going to. The US would have a secure source of oil when things like this happen. Obama is a "eco-coward" for delaying the decision until after the election.

It is simple economics, supply and demand. This is something the "greens" have no concept of as they want us using light bulbs with mercury in them, because they don't give off "heat". Meanwhile those light bulbs end up in the landfills, and leach mercury into the soil and ground water. At the same time the oil industry is cleaning up it's act, in Canada at least.

They want the price of oil and gas to increase, so solar and wind can compete.  Watch the price of food and many other products start to climb as well as gas prices. The "greens" have no concept of harm to people. They actually think that the world has too many people, so a few lost to starvation is no big deal. Funny-sad how they spout about saving the planet, but look down their noses at the people who are starving because of their insane push to save a tree, instead of a life. Save a seal instead of sending the meat to starving people.

The "greens" have to stop playing silly bugger with human lives pretending that they are doing it for the greater good. For their own greater good they mean!

I am sick of them and their distorted view of how we should live. They fly from hot spot to hot spot for their conferences, and party like animals, but the poor people in Africa are not allowed to have power or running water.

If sending one tractor to Africa, with years of gas and oil for it can feed hundreds, the "greens" would protest it. They want us back in the stone age, while they live it up. They also will not tell the truth about pipelines. Do those people living in Vancouver know that a pipeline runs right under the city?

I love that map! Alberta is the oil and gas lifeline of the US. How many Americans know that? Funny how no pipelines make it into Ontario or Quebec, I guess they like Saudi blood oil.How did all those pipelines get built? Innovators not destroyers like the "greens". Why the big problems now? "Greens" getting big money from American foundations to stop the development of Canada's resources. The greens are making up an industry, to support themselves.

Build the dang pipelines, a refinery or two, and some nuclear plants while we are at it. With natural gas below $3, expect the "greens" to ramp up their protests against fracking.

Go Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador! Don't let the "greens" stop the enrichment of our society for our children. (Using typical lefty emotional argument here.)


maryT said...

And to think that Alex Baldwin in back in AB to ski. Wonder how he and all those others got here.

wilson said...

Obama is getting thumped again, by multiple sources, over the XL Pipeline.

Congress has legislation ready to pass, go over Barry's head if he says no, and get the project approved.

L said...

Right on! Good jobs for aboriginals (not the ones being paid to lobby against by enviro-groups) and others in the north and mid-westerners south of the border. Obama -1; Harper +2 Hopefully CCRA will be STRONGLY encouraged to ask, "what constitutes a charity in Canada for tax purposes? and show me your books and directors. I will be looking forward to the announcement that says 4500 participants is too many to make the review relevant, so we have asked the remaining groups to get together to use their 5 minutes of fame in round two. And/or, the head of the panel has stepped down for personal reasons, citing that excessive travel has kept her away from her family. And/or, the organization can not afford to talk to everyone due to the excessive environmental footprint, so parties can submit a one-page paper on their comments.