Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Justin Trudeau Grow Up!

That is all I have to say on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish Justin would choke on that silver spoon,

Fitter said...

A calculated stage by the twerp simply for publicity.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was all planned. Now the response will be "focused grouped" to see if it came across as crass or "edgy". If it's deemed edgy, look for Justin to throw his hat into the ring for liberal leadership.

West Coast Teddi said...

Sun News is calling him a "shiny pony” … what a “shiddle diddle” comment! :)

maryT said...

I wish he would shave off that beard, or is he planning to do what the real Guy Faux did. The resemblance is scarry. Maybe he is the guy in all those protests wearing that mask.

Anonymous said...

Very observant, maryT. Check it out:

maryT said...

I know I spelled Fawkes wrong, but I think the word for phony is a better description for Guy Trudeau.

liberal supporter said...

Too bad JT didn't consult Eskimo, the champion of deliberate spelling names wrong. Sorry maryt, "Faux" is cute, but Eskimo is the champ at this. We would have heard Justin referring to "Peter C*nt", no?

Oops, I take that back, Eskimo would never misspell names of fascists, such as Hitler, as we already know.

Anonymous said...

LS, are you really that desperate? Apparently so.

Wow, you even brought out the big gun, the "C word". Oooo look how tough you are! You're soooo dreamy, using big swear words, just like Justin. Do you have a butch little goatee like he does?

Admittedly despite my high IQ, I have poor spelling and yes, occasionally I will use it intentionally to make fun of people's names. Why you choose to piss, moan and stamp your feet about this, I don't know, but at the same time I don't give a rat's behind.

As far as you LS, I take that're not desperate. you're pathetic.

liberal supporter said...

Wow, you even brought out the big gun, the "C word".
Poor baby.

Admittedly despite my high IQ

wilson said...

''Do you have a butch little goatee like he does?''

LOL Eskimo!!
Wee Trudeau loves his looks.
Look at me! look at me!

But all of this could be a good thing.
Perhaps he will get enough good media (every 20 minutes on CBC today)
over his spoiled brat temper tamtrum, that he will take a run at the Lib leadership!!

Gerald said...

Did anyone on this site see a certain woman(that I won't name here)bare all,and I mean bare all in the Playboy magazine back when Woodstock was going on?

peter12 said...

Justin Trudeau in his insincere and condescending apology, lies when he says that Kent "prevented" Kirsty Duncan or any other member of the opposition from attending the Durban conference.

The fact that Elizabeth May and NDP MP Lauren Liu who are members of the government opposition did attend the Durban conference puts a lie to Trudeau's statement that Kent prevented opposition members from attending Durban.

Turdeau is confused and is misleading Canadians with the help of some members of the media on this detail of Kyoto in this respect and he should be outed for this staged event - he wasn't an active participant in a hot debate of back and forth jibes at the time but just took the opportunity to display his arrogant and conceited self..

The fact is that Opposition members were not part of the official government delegation to Durban, and how could be, they if they chose to not to be on board with the Canadian government's position on Kyoto. All members of the official delegation have to sing from the same hymn book - that is the way it is for all countries - and that is the way it has to be.

hunter said...

Poor LS, lost without a party.

Gerald, do tell!!!!! Naked at Woodstock? I know it wasn't me, so who could it be?