Sunday, December 11, 2011

Climate Idiots, Who Cares....I Have Holiday Perogies

This last round of climate scare propaganda from the UN was a seriously big YAWN. So, while the greenies were partying it up in S. Africa....I wish I could afford to go there....I was home inventing holiday perogies! Much more productive I might add!

I made the regular cheese and potato perogies about 3 weeks ago, and then my son had a bunch of his buddies over and they disappeared in minutes, and it took me hours to make them. I made more and threatened my boys with hanging by the thumbs if they touched them. So far, no thumbs have been hung! HA!

Then yesterday, I got restless and decided that I needed more perogies to take to my parents for Christmas, but I didn't want the usual cheese and potato, or sauerkraut ones. I give you Holiday Perogies:

The dough is the most important factor in creating awesome perogies. I have tried multiple recipes and I have finally found one that is easy to make and work with.

Perogy Dough

3 cups flour
1 cup potato water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup canola oil
1 egg

Mix together and let rest, covered, for an hour. I usually double or triple the recipe.

Holiday Perogies:

Mashed potato, make sure you save the potato water for the dough.
Fry onions and garlic in butter
Fry mushrooms, drain
Strain sauerkraut, and chop
Melt Philly cream cheese in microwave
Fry bacon and chop into tiny pieces

Combine all ingredients, and use as the filling for the perogy. Stuff the dough with filling and put on cookie sheet, layer with wax paper, and freeze. I usually make the filling the day before, then you don't have to deal with filling that is too hot.

Even my Dogs With Wings puppy got into the action:

Remember our ancestors had limited resources, so even though potato and cottage cheese perogies are delicious, we have the ability to create an even better perogy. Use your imagination. 


Ken Moore said...

My imagination says I just got very hungry. It's no surprise you didn't fly to Durban but I'm still wondering who paid to fly six Canadian youngsters there (including the pageboy who made a scene in parliament)to behave rudely in front of our Environment minister.

E Mac said...

The CAW and their unions paid for that trip to Durban.
Sid Ryan and his crew of misfits were behind that.
These kids are being brain washed so that the next bunch become militants and to what end?
The parents are to blame - poor upbringing with the elitist will - Something for nothing guise.
Libs/Dips never get any smarter, so what's new?

West Coast Teddi said...

Hunter's "Progressive" Perogies ... progressively eaten right before your eyes!! I am so hungry that I have doubled my morning coffee and toast.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Anonymous said...

Hunter, have you tried pre-boiling your perogies before you freeze them? Growing up, we always preferred ours fried, so by pre-boiling them, you freeze them in butter or a little bit of oil. More prep time making them, but less cooking time when you need them (If you have to boil then fry them).

Nothing like the chin-dripping greasy goodness of crispy fried perogies marinated in butter and smothered with fried onions and sour cream on the side! (Not to mention burning the roof of your mouth from the hot potato filling-ahh, memories!)

Good for breakfast with fried eggs and leftover ham from the night before! Deep frying them is another treat too!

It may not be fashionable, but is IS fun to be Ukrainian! Part of the reason I have to do an hour of cardio at the gym every morning!

dmorris said...

Buy a couple of bags of "Cheemo" perogies,and feed them to your son and his buddies,they'll never know the difference

Feeding teenagers home made perogies is like giving a skid row wino a bottle of 25 year old Scotch.

Your recipe looks great,shall try it before Christmas,thanks.

Oh,and Happy Holidays, er,uh, Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We eat Cheemos only in a pinch. If you dump a bag of them into a casserole and cover them with a can of cream of mushroom soup and bake covered, they're not too bad.

My favorite wine is Bin 555 Shiraz. My niece likes it too. Unfortunately she likes to fill a huge goblet glass with it and slam down several helpings. I'm tempted to buy a bottle of Baby Duck and pour it into an empty bottle of 555. I doubt is she'd notice the difference. Kinda like feeding the boys the Cheemos!