Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Don't Mess With PM Harper!

The joy of a principled Conservative government, they tell it like it is, no matter who is going to protest against them. Goodbye Kyoto, we have always hated your wealth transfer, no reduction of REAL pollution socialist goals.

CTV commenter, Jerry Vancouver
How many Canadians know that from the 36 Kyoto signatories 5 countries are not required to cut GHG by a single ounce and 8 countries have been allowed to increase them? And when the 11 Communist economies collapsed after 1990, including East Germany, their GHG dropped by 14% to 63%. So, when in 2002 8 of them signed 6% to 8% GHG reduction and Russia and Ukraine the 0% reduction they already had a huge carbon credits they have been selling with profits on the Europe offset market ever since. And the united Germany signed 21% Kyoto reduction when by 2001 its GHG already dropped 6.8% below the Kyoto target and the Brits signed 12.5 % Kyoto reduction when by 2001 their GHG already dropped 5.2% below target after their power stations were able switch to natural gas following the defeat of coal miners in 1985. That is 23 countries that achieved their Kyoto targets due to politics and without any special effort or cost. That leaves only 13 countries that were required to carry a full financial burden of the Kyoto deal. And, obviously, due to high immigration, resources and energy based economy, long traveling distances and cold climate, Canadians would be paying disproportionally high price for any attempt to comply with the Kyoto 6% GHG reduction.
So, Jerry provides facts, something Dizzy Lizzy can not understand. She is busy selling her "talents" to the highest bidder, and it seems some backwater country wants her. I say good riddance.

Most online sites have positive comments for this move, but I will not go to CBC so they might be using their typical lefty logic or lack thereof to bash the government. I see this as a non-partisan issue. 

I want our lakes cleaned up, I want our air to be clean and our land unpolluted. The greenies want us to use light bulbs with mercury in them, electric cars using coal burning electricity, bird chopping wind turbines, and they want us to give money to dictators in Africa. Sorry, not buying it. 

If they want to save the environment, they can lead the way by giving up their computers, cars, ipods, phones, basically anything that contains an oil product.

We have the transfer of money from the "have" provinces to the "have not". This is small scale compared to the Kyoto scam of transferring money from the west to anyone who thinks their need it. Wait for the fossil of the year for Canada, that's all those idiots can accomplish as none of them have ever had a job. Besides, they are too busy on the beaches getting tans to worry about anything.
Don't mess with PM Harper, he has a big set, and he isn't afraid to use them.


maryT said...

Next mission, tell that female chief that her reserve will get no more money unless it goes thru the 3rd party person she kicked of the reserve. No more money for any reserve until a complete audit is done by our non french speaking auditor.
Time to play tough and say no.

Anonymous said...


There. I scooped Liberal on Support and Southern Welfare Case. They will now have nothing to say on this topic.

Thank me.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....by saying goodbye to Kyoto, the Conservatives have effectively told David Suzuki they don't believe in Santa Claus!

So much for Suzuki's recent amateurish "The sky is falling/snow is melting/Santa Claus is going to drown/send me some money" campaign.

Stephen Harper, you magnificant bastard!

Ha indeed!

hunter said...

Too funny Eskimo! All silent on the lefty front.

Dance...dance to the radio said...

It's nice that after suffering through five years of minority government and saying 'just wait until we get a majority' that we are getting what we've waited for.

I feel almost jingoistic, dare I say, American.

Canada, Forget Yeah!

liberal supporter said...

Poor Eskimo is still sore about being proven a fascist. Thank you for considering me unworthy of having my name spelled right, unlike your apparent hero, Hitler.