Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Can We Steal Brad Wall?

I envy Saskatchewan for their Premier. He is articulate, focused and personable. He is also a huge asset in the fight on oil sands. Our premier, is a liberal pansy, she doesn't want to "intrude" on the discussion. Yuck.

Watch Premier Wall discuss his support of the oil sands.

Can we steal Brad Wall for Alberta? Pretty Please?


fernstalbert said...

I agree - we need some Saskatchewan tough - someone who will stand up for the province and is proud to advocate for Alberta. The current premier - is "a flaming Liberal" - she is more concerned with making nice with the David Suzuki crowd than her own electrolate. Not another penny will be donated from this household to the "wet" PC's. Cheers.

West Coast Teddi said...

Once a "sask" always a "sask" - he would still cheer for the Riders.

Frances said...

As long as he wore the watermelon while doing so, I think Albertans would be okay with that.

dmorris said...

"Can we steal Brad Wall for Alberta?"

NO,goddamit! we need him WAY more in B.C. than you Albertans do!

Compared to our political Party Leaders, yours are statesmen, geniuses,and paragons of virtue.